If It Makes You Feel Good

A broken tooth isn’t a good birthday gift, especially when it is one you have given yourself and there is no doubt I did so.

Too many nights of grinding my teeth and too many moments of doing the same during the day.

It is an unconscious habit that started a while back but got particularly bad about 18 months ago. I have tried to be mindful of breaking it, but I suppose the broken tooth proves I haven’t done a good job.

I know how and why it began and can pinpoint the source of stress but that doesn’t mean I have been able to stop it because the source of the issue remains.

And though I won’t outline specifics here I can assure you I have taken significant steps to fix that situation but some things are not so easily handled, in spite of what some people say.

So to them I offer my “if it makes you feel good” and move on.


Single-minded Of Purpose

I haven’t seen most of my family since January 1 but was fortunate enough to have my son join me for about 9 days in March.

More than a few people have generously shared their opinions with me for the low price of free and have received little to no acknowledgement of it.

That is because people are eager to tell you what they think makes sense, is reasonable or smart based upon their circumstances and not yours.

Since I am single-minded of purpose and certain the choice I made will benefit my kids I haven’t spent time looking backwards.

But it doesn’t mean this hasn’t been hard or that I haven’t missed them terribly because those are all true.

Thing is, I couldn’t come up with anything better and wasn’t willing to keep waiting to see if money started raining from the sky.

It hasn’t started raining money here in Texas but it has provided a number of things that provide me with a certain amount of optimism that I didn’t have before.

That is important, even for a man who believes every wall can be torn or knocked down.

Music Break

  1. Don’t Pull Your Love-Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds
  2. Sentinmental Lady– Bob Welch
  3. Funkytown– Lipps
  4. Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye– Steam
  5. Hit The Road Jack– Ray Charles
  6. (Night time Is) The Right Time- Ray Charles
  7. Sexual Healing– Marvin Gaye
  8. Somebody’s Crying– Chris Isaak
  9. Wake Up Little Susie– The Everly Brothers
  10. Whiskey Lullaby-Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss
  11. Can’t Find My Way Home-Alison Krauss

A House Searchin’ We Go

Been looking for homes in Flower Mound, Grapevine and Keller…mostly.

Seen lots o’ places but only one that I was particularly fond of, sadly it doesn’t look like that one is going to work out.

Going a little crazy trying to find something because the lease on this current joint expires soon and I would prefer not to have to spend another month in it.

I’ll miss it when I am gone so I am doing my best to make the most of my six weeks.

In between the house searching, moving arrangements and Bat Mitzvah planning I am trying to decide if I need to buy a new suit.

If I do I need to enlist someone to serve as another set of eyes, get their two cents on whether it fits properly.

Not that I can’t do it, but s0metimes we miss things like barbecue sauce that we dropped on our shirt right before a big meeting.


Stay Tuned

Big things coming, lots of stuff.

Got to run ‘cuz “I’m A Man” by the Spencer Davis Group is playing and this is the kind of song that needs to be played loud while driving at a speed greater than…

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