The Last Day

Six weeks from now I’ll board a flight from Dallas to Los Angeles to go home but my home is gone.

The house I grew up in was sold a year ago and the house I once owned was sold six years ago. My first apartment was knocked down and turned into a sort of strip mall.

The first apartment I lived in Texas is across town and the second is only going to be mine for a little bit longer.

There will be a new place soon, but the details are still being worked out, all I know is Texas is home for however long that is.

It will be good to go back and see my family and to hug those kids, even the one who says he is too big to be hugged.

He’ll complain about it, but he’ll let me do it and I’ll wonder for the 928,393,233 time how he almost looks me in the eye.

Some may say I am not that tall and while that may be true my hands are never called small and his are almost as big as mine.

The Last Day

This is the final day of 47 and these are the few thoughts flowing through my head during these final hours.

Can’t say they are interesting, meaningful or significant or if I’ll look back and smile or cringe when I read them again.

What I know is that I am excited about the coming birthday as I always am but I am gearing up for a day that might be brutally hard and challenging.

Not because I am going to spend it alone but because there are things I have to attend to tomorrow that might be very challenging.

Stuff I have to handle that might make me want to scream in frustration because it is made of chaos and crazy but then again it might not.

Part of me is kind of excited about the challenge and thinking about how it might be fun to swing from the heels.

During my baseball playing days there was nothing I loved more than smacking the hell of out of the ball, I loved the contact.

That has been consistent in every sport I have ever played.

Rebounding is what I love most in basketball because 90 percent is about wanting it more than the next guy, a willingness to hit the floor or jump over chairs to get that errant shot.

Haven’t played since I moved here, but I am thinking it is time to get a new pair of high tops and find a game.

But before I do I have to take care of the challenges of tomorrow. It might all come down to how much I want it and well, it could be fun to take that ball away.

Music Break

Back Into The Breach

The kids asked me if I was planning to take any time off tomorrow and I told them no.

Didn’t give them the details of all of the potential craziness of the day, just said I was mulling over ideas for dinner.

When they asked what I said I was playing around with BJs, Lolos or sushi. Won’t know what until I get through the initial crazy, could be something entirely different.

In the interim I am starting to do some prep work and strategize because I’d rather do my best to be prepared than just wing it.

But then again, if I have to wing any of it that is what I will do.

Can’t control it all, can only adapt, pivot and jump as necessary, if needed.

Time to roll, 47 wasn’t great but it had some pretty good moments. Here’s hoping that 48 exceeds all expectations and is everything I have ever dreamed of and then some.

It is possible.

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