I Have Been Downhearted Baby

Got 10 minutes tops to write this stream-of-consciousness piece starting with the clip below so I can hear B.B. King sing about being downhearted.

Course I could have started with The Thrill is Gone or linked to this piece.

Still I can’t help but put in You Get What You Give for no other reason than the title is truth.

Got another week before I lead myself  in a personal seder and head out on another adventure, but before I do here are a few words.

Age Catches Up With You

I mostly shaved my head this past Friday, mostly meaning there is hair but only enough to make a boot camp barber happy.

While I waited for my barber to be ready I sat at the bar, whiskey in hand and shot the breeze with some of the people.

Told one about upcoming trips to San Antonio and Atlanta and was asked if I have ever been sent to California.

I smiled and asked where, “Los Angeles.”

Nodded my head and said I knew it well.

“I was born there and lived most of my life there.”

He asked a few questions and inquired about whether I own a boots and a cowboy hat.

“You are in Texas now.”

I smiled again and told him my boots are probably older than he is.

“Country line dancing got to be a thing when I was in college. Was an easy way to meet girls. I picked up my boots around 1990 or so. Might be a year or two either direction.”

He laughed and told me they were older than him and the 21 year-old bartender smiled and said I sound like I am the same age as her parents.


The three of us went back and forth for a few and on a whim I asked them if they had ever seen The Blues Brothers, Animal House or Casablanca.

They shook their head no and told me they knew the names and I realized they were barely out of kindergarten when 9/11 hit and that much of what had formed or influenced my life was history.

It was Old person stuff.

Nothing wrong with that at all, just sort of funny to realize how much changes as you age.

It is like people who told me that when we were 50 we would be really old.

I am sure if I asked them about it they would agree it doesn’t sound so old anymore.

Waiting To Hear

The best part of today was I hear something I have been waiting to hear for a while now.

Heard words and energy behind them that gave me hope that some things are heading in a way I have been long waiting for.

Not going to get too crazy or say any more for fear of jinxing it, but I admit to doing a little fist pump and feeling excited.

You get what you give even if sometimes you feel downhearted.

And that is all I will say about this for now.

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