Sometimes You Live A Thousand Lives

The ketchup face on the slice of bread above reminds me of a time when someone told a waiter to take away the bottle on our table because we didn’t eat it.

The memory makes me smile and is set against Sir Paul singing Got To Get You Into My Life with a giant moonlit sky.


Five minutes ago I finished watching The Arrival and now a thousand ideas are floating through my mind.

It has got me thinking about the people that come in and out of our lives and the impact they make.

There are some who are around forever and yet you wouldn’t noticed if they disappeared. Those are juxtaposed against the folks who needed all of five minutes of conversation to feel like they are a part of you.

Amazing how that happens, some come with a now and forever and others with a time limit.

Most Curious

I’d like to say I am the kind of person who doesn’t stay angry with people but that would be stretching the truth.

If you really upset me there is a good chance I’ll stay irritated with you for quite some time, especially if you don’t apologize.

And then there are the few of you I have trouble staying angry with.

It fascinates me and I find it most curious that even when you have done something that deserves my disdain and disappointment it doesn’t last.

Well, that is not entirely true, sometimes I have to work at staying angry with you. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.

Yeah, it does to me too but I have been heard that sometimes it is hard to stay irritated with me too.

I appreciate it, assuming it was truthful and not something that was just said to be nice.

I like to think of it as being a gift.

It reminds me of my baby sister and youngest nephew. Stupid crap happens and they just roll with it and let it go.

That is something I have worked at emulating. I have gotten pretty good in some areas, but there are those few things that chap my hide.

A Thousand Lives

There have been a few moments lately where my frustration level has escalated because I haven’t been able to have the conversations I want to have.

Not to mention a few in which I walked away wondering why they couldn’t or wouldn’t hear me.

Walked away wondering how I could paint a better and clearer picture, one that would move and motivate them.

Turned on YouTube and listened to a couple of motivation videos and tried to figure out what made them work.

No reason to reinvent the wheel when you can imitate some things and use them for your purposes.

Working hard is important, but working smarter is better.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to find that one thing that pushes you to keep going. That one thing that helps you keep going when you have been rejected a thousand times and you’re concerned you’re about to hit 1,001.

After a 1,000 lives if I have learned anything, that is it.

About Heroes, Courage & Regret

When the kids ask me what drives me and where I come up with taking one more step I tell them that sometimes it is just a fear of missing out.

Not in the sense that I am worried about missing out on the next cool thing but missing out something important to me because I didn’t take one more step, because I didn’t realize how close the finish line was.

What pushes me is that my biggest regrets are almost always tied into having given into fear. I really don’t have many, but the few that exist…

Got to run your race and you have to finish or you’ll be disappointed you didn’t.

One more step, one more chance to cross that line and know I gave all I had.

Can’t do it any other way.

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