Sometimes Your Heart Is A Damn Liar

I’d blame the lack of coherent thought upon the raging war inside my belly or accuse the stacks of paper across the desk of cluttering my mind but neither works all that well.

They don’t  change the feeling that my arms have been chained to two horses that are straining to race on down the road in opposite directions.

Thus far they haven’t and whether it’s because my grip hasn’t faltered or for some other reason I can’t say.

Probably doesn’t matter because sometimes it is best not to ask questions and instead just submit.

Sometimes Your Heart Is A Damn Liar

I had a dream in which I heard a voice say “I can take better care of you than any one else.”

I nodded and said “put up or shut up” was told I don’t know how to apologize.

“I know how. I don’t always like it, but I know how. I am sorry.”

Can’t tell you whether it was accepted or rejected because the call of nature refused to be ignored.

Afterwards I raced back to bed to see if I could fall back to sleep and resume the dream but the voice was gone.p

That was probably a good thing because I had to kill Smaug and then get back in time to listen to General Patton speak.

Upon waking two things stood out to me:

  1. It wasn’t the real Patton.
  2. He added the line, sometimes your heart is a damn liar.

Now I can’t tell you why George C Scott showed up in my dream but I’ll have him know my tiny black heart is many things, but it is not a damn liar.

If it says it loves than by gum it loves and if it says it hates, well you better be on the right side.

Music Break

  1. Visions of Paradise– The Moody Blues
  2. Visions of Paradise– Mick Jagger
  3. In The Ghetto– Elvis Presley
  4. Kentucky Rain-Elvis Presley
  5. Extreme Ways– Moby
  6. I Go To Extremes– Billy Joel
  7. The Breaking Of The Fellowship– Lord Of The Rings
  8. Gandalf Falls– Lord Of The Rings
  9. The Last Goodbye– Billy Boyd
  10. I See Fire– Ed Sheeran
  11. Theme To Harry’s Place– Clannad
  12. Calypso– John Denver

Truth Is…

The truth is this post is taking far longer to write because this computer is wrestling with me.

Reminds me of misunderstandings and disagreements which could have been avoided or shortened if we had spoken clearly and heard the other person.

Sometimes I think fear has prevented some conversations from taking place because we worry about the consequences.

Could be that we overthink these things and wonder or worry unnecessarily not realizing some things are going to go a certain way regardless of what we do.

I used to think this is and was nonsense, but not anymore.

Doesn’t mean we don’t have free will but some people and places play a big role no matter what we do.

Better to accept, submit and get some things out of the way so that you can move to the next stop on your journey.

Which reminds me mine will be an Apple store ‘cuz this ‘puter is killing me.


I am in the process of letting some things and people go.

I don’t have time and room for the extra clutter and irritation. If the thought of their absence doesn’t bother me it’s time to go.

Got to make space for what is coming and open the door for new opportunity. Transitions can be hard, but they are important.

Would write more but can’t stomach fighting with this computer any longer and I am curious to see who shows up in my dreams tonight.

Could be fun, you never know what can happen if sometimes your heart is a damn liar.

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