The Rules For Playing With Tornadoes

There are no written rules for playing with tornadoes any more than there are such for playing with fire.

That’s because most of us learn during childhood that some things are dangerous and should be handled accordingly.

I can assure you I did and that when I have chosen to engage the storm I am cognizant of the mercurial nature of such creatures.

But I also know who and what I am and what I am not and am happiest when my life reflects that.

Ride The Storm

Been riding and wrestling with some storms for years now but the one that I wonder the most about is all of 13 or 14 months old.

It is one that has beat me to my knees a few times and maybe even made me shed a tear or two in private.

And it might be a big part of why the news about a local tornado watch made me throw on a shirt and shoes so I could go outside and walk.


I know earthquakes and fires but tornadoes are novelties I have little experience with.

Four years ago I stood in an apartment 36 miles west of here and wondered what the hell I was supposed to do about a tornado watch in Cleburne.

At the time I had no clue where it was in reference to me and no idea whether a third floor apartment would provide shelter or not.

This time around I knew the areas named in the watch and was certain my area was included among them.

When I walked outside I looked at the storm clouds above and tried to decide if they gave any hint of their intentions.

Looked up at the sky and thought of how those clouds reminded me of trying to decide whether certain women were interested in me or not.

“Love me for who I am or don’t love me. Rain or don’t rain. I’ll stand here until I am done standing and then I’ll be gone.”

The question about whether the words I shared about love and acceptance had any impact can be addressed by the question of whether the clouds opened up above me.

Maybe they influenced things and maybe they didn’t.

The rain didn’t come when I stood outside and called down the thunder but it might come later.

If it does come I am certain the clouds will neither confirm nor deny whether I influenced them.

Clouds of mystery meet woman of mystery. I understand everything and yet I know nothing.

Still I challenged the storm and said I would wrestle with the angels but my challenge was unheard or at least unanswered.

So I continue to circle the current storm because 13 or 14 months is long enough, not that the storm cares but a man has to try.

A Little Bit Longer

There a couple of Bison burgers waiting for me to grill them and laundry waiting for me to move it from washer to dryer.

I keep thinking I’ll make this really short but I get distracted by music and thoughts.

Sarah Brightman singing Think Of Me Fondly is replaced by Thunderstruck which is replaced by Your Song and Time To Change.

This screwy mix of music has me thinking I’ll hang on a little bit longer because there might be some insight or turn of phrase that wants to come out provided I stay at the keyboard.

Can’t say if it is something about Sam the Butcher and Alice or if it’s a comment about Bob Dylan talking about watching I Love Lucy on his tour bus.

I just know I have to follow the path and sing the song. Love me for who I am or don’t.

But do me a favor and ask whatever powers you believe or don’t believe in to keep the tornadoes away at night.

I have already been evacuated from a forest fire at 3 am and woken by major earthquakes during the dead of night.

That ought to fill my quota of dealing with natural disasters or it would if there were rules for playing with tornadoes.

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