Who Needs A Weekend In New England

I don’t publish every comment or email I receive here which is a good thing for some of you because your digital trail of duplicity and or stupidity isn’t quite as long as it could be.

Nor do I particularly care if you think something that was said here is proof or evidence of anything because this is just a place to share thoughts and ideas.

That means if I say I think someone is a liar, hypocrite and a cheat it is just my opinion.

It is also worth noting it is unlikely I’ll publish anything here I am unwilling to look you in the eye and say in person.

Bear in mind that I am unfiltered and willing to say almost anything in public but just because I can’t doesn’t mean I will.

Discretion exists.

Who Needs A Weekend In New England

The answer is me, I do.

I need a damn vacation and a chance to decompress.

This I know because of the flames shooting from my nose and the desire to scream at some people.

Truth is I don’t particularly want to go to New England unless there are some very cool beaches to hang out on.

Give me Hawaii or better yet let me go somewhere I have never been and make a like a pirate in the Caribbean.

I’d say Barbados or Jamaica sound good but I’ll not limit myself to either and given circumstances I don’t think either is going to happen any time soon.

That is not to say never because we all know when I set my mind to something I generally make it happen.

But sometimes there are reasons to wait, which is part of why some people aren’t going to hear from me because if they did their eyeballs and eardrums would be scorched.

That might feel good for a moment but it wouldn’t fix anything and could make some things worse, so I’ll let that remain wishful thinking and nothing more.

Still there might come a day when I will thank them for their lack of help or simply walk away remembering that actions speak louder than words.

My Cleanest Dirty Shirt

Got Kristofferson singing about his cleanest dirty shirt and I am wondering where my weekend went.

Didn’t get my full 15 miles in but I got around 11 or so, plus laundry, push ups and the dreaded vacuuming.

Filled some of more with writing and some Iron Fist and read a few things that made me ever so grateful not to be back in LA.

It is always going to be home, but there is stuff that I just don’t miss and am not interested in having to deal with right now.

Maybe one day, but today is not that day.

Too busy eating the last of the some homemade Hamantaschen and thinking about whether I am going to make a steak or chicken for dinner.

Got to admit there is a part of me that feels like going out for sushi but that would mean having to get dressed and be friendly so I think I’ll pass.

Rather soak up what is left of the day on my balcony with a book and maybe a beer to be followed up with watching the Bruins play.

And maybe, just maybe try to catch part of the Laker game. They are awful right now, but sometimes awful teams catch decent teams by surprise and those Cavs are ripe for another upset loss.

Groucho Is Right

The venting and cleaning out some of the cobwebs has helped and there is a Cheshire cat grin starting to crawl across my face.

It is the kind that makes some people wonder what I am up to and that is a particular favorite of mine.

Think I am going to run now and see about following Groucho’s advice because there you can never have too much fun and I have a few ideas to follow up on.

Hold on to your hats, the ride is just getting started.

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