Another Sign Of The Times

The hardest part of writing isn’t putting words down on paper or trying to find the right words to share.’

It is not letting fear of failure or shame stop you from saying what you really want to say and writing what you really want to write.

Fear will find you if you let it and even if you don’t it will make an effort to wrap its tendrils around your heart and whisper ill words in your ear.

Some of you understand and some of you only think you understand, but unless you have really put yourself out there you don’t totally get it.

It kind of reminds me a bit of this.

Another Sign Of The Times

Got Prince singing Sign Of The Times on my headphones and in another moment the music will move on to whatever is next on the playlist perhaps taking my thoughts in a brand new direction.

But for now I am thinking again about our current lack of leadership and the division among people wondering how some things could be so damn difficult to understand and agree upon.

Thinking about how I can’t believe some people complain about funding the arts but see nothing wrong with paying unnecessary security fees to protect Melania and Baron.

How did we get to a place where they think Big Bird is an extravagance we can’t afford but don’t mind subsidizing a billionaire’s wife and kid because it is more convenient for them.

It is not like they didn’t know moving to D.C. was part of the package.

But we live during a time of alternative facts, fake terror attacks and a dumbing down of society.


Music Break

  • Thriller– Michael Jackson
  • The Man’s Too Strong– Dire Straits
  • I Want You To Want Me– Cheap Trick
  • Share The Land– The Guess Who
  • Angel Of Music– Phantom Of The Opera Soundtrack
  • Son Of A Preacher Man– Dusty Springfield
  • Enter Sandman– Metallica

300 Pushups

The finger I dislocated in January hasn’t healed but I am not completely surprised having expected it to be one of those nagging injuries that stick around for longer than we like.

It generally makes its presence known upon waking when it is swollen and slow to cooperate, but after a little while the swelling goes and it resumes its daily responsibilities.

Fortunately that includes being part of the team effort to do 300 pushups a day.

I haven’t reached the point at which I can do 300 in a row, but when I am diligent I can break it up into sets throughout the day eventually reaching my target.

It is one I set a while back and while I haven’t been as consistent about achieving it as I want it is happening and I can see increasing the count to 500.

I figure if I can get back to 500 a day my almost middle aged body will reward me.

And it will be another thing I can use as a teaching moment/talking point with my kids about how to set and achieve goals.

That is not to suggest they can’t do it because they can and do but I want them to see it never ends.

Not to mention that the lack of endings isn’t a bad thing.

Magic Is Where You Find It

I am standing in a parking lot with my eyes closed, face pointed towards the sky enjoying the sunshine when I hear a car pull next to mine.

Their music is loud enough for me to hear Crosby, Stills & Nash sing Love The One You’re With with their window rolled up.

In another moment I am going to get back into my car because their arrival broke the magic feeling I was enjoying.

Can’t tell you what brought the moment on how I ended up feeling so damn relaxed and at peace in the parking lot and I don’t really care.

Magic is where you find it and only a fool allows themselves to miss the moment with unnecessary distractions.

I am committed and confident about my path, ready to work out and handle any complications as they come.

That is what you do and that is how you move through life.

You handle it as you go.

As I walk around to the driver’s side of my car there is a loud honk as a truck speeds through the parking lot.

I saw him coming and had he not insisted on flooring it would have easily made it to my side without danger.

But he clearly thought he was more important and made a point of showing me by emphasizing his impatience with an extended middle finger.

Guess that is just another sign of the times.

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