Can I Trust You?

Bruce and I are hanging out again. He is singing Waiting On A Sunny Day and I am driving myself to get stuff done and mad as hell about this cold that came on a like spring storm.

Aside from the dysfunctional digestive system there isn’t much that slows me down and even that doesn’t stop me from doing what I really want to do.

Haven’t gone outside yet because I am trying to be smart about how hard I push myself and am chomping at the bit because I haven’t gotten enough done…yet.

Can I Trust You?

I am a simple man with simple tastes who operates off of gut feelings and instinct.

Some have told me they don’t like it when I say I know things and I have tended to ignore it because I don’t really believe them when they say it.

You might ask why I don’t take it at face value and I’ll say it is because that gut feeling doesn’t buy it.

Doesn’t mean I am right because I have been wrong about many things but when it comes to surviving bad days I have a perfect record and that is good enough for me.

Got some more flack about things I said/wrote about our president and it made me think about four words.

Can I Trust You?

In many cases it is not a question of can, but will I.

There are people I don’t speak with very often that I would trust with my life.

Granted it is a very short list and things would have to be dire, but I am confident they would do their best and that is all I can ask of them.

Some of them might be surprised to hear/read it because circumstances might make it seem like I don’t trust them.

It is not so much a lack of trust as my natural independence and desire to figure things out on my own.

When I write I hear the words inside my head which should explain why I say some of this sounds contradictory to me.

Maybe we’ll talk about it later in the post, maybe we won’t.

I suppose part of what is pushing this line of thought is my lack of faith in our current administration.

You are supposed to trust your leadership to work for the collective good of all and not just some.

I don’t and I have a hard time trying to convince myself that they are just doing things differently than I would want them to.

That is a significant problem.

What Kind Of Father Are You?

Someone went after me and attacked my parenting by asking what kind of father I am.

It was a dig and not a question and I wondered if it came from an ignorant oaf who had been poking around into my business.

I got the sense that this buffoon didn’t know about digital footprints and the sorts of crumbs we leave behind.

It made me wonder if he needed some in person attention so that we could clear up any misunderstanding and or misconception.

I chose not to engage at that time because that tingling sensation in my gut wasn’t enough for me to 100 percent certain and he wasn’t worth my time.

It also reminded me that I have told my children more than once that some conversations must be conducted in person because it helps you figure things out you can’t get any other way.

Granted it is not a guarantee and there are people who can hide their thoughts from you, but not everyone.

And some things aren’t meant or made for conversing by text.

Did I mention the importance of not giving a fuck about what most people think.

Shock & Awe

Won’t be long before one of my favorite people comes to hang out with me so I am building a list of things to do and places to visit.

In the midst of it we’ll have more than a few conversations about our current situation including how and why it happened.

I’ll be asked to give my best answer about some of this and part of it will include a conversation about shock and awe.

I can’t tell you if the administration hit the ground running because they wanted to prove how smart, effective and efficient they are or if it was something else.

Well, my gut says it was something else.

It says the puppet master wanted to hit the public with so many things it would be impossible to focus.

Sadly that is what really rings true for me, because I sense contempt from them for anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Sharing Clothes With Children

iTunes is pumping out some Neil Diamond songs so I guess I’ll have to save the crack about sharing the same taste in music as 70 something Jewish women for another day.

Not long ago I had a conversation with an old friend about adjusting to certain changes.

She is all of 5’2 or so and said she is getting accustomed to staring up at a son who is over six foot.

That has become far more common with many of the women I know but not as much with the men.

A few have told me their sons are now taller than they are, but not many.

I hope my son will gain a couple of inches on me, but don’t expect it to be much. As things stand now he is big enough that it won’t be long before we can share gloves and shoes.

If I shrink myself a bit he’ll be able to get into my pants, but his shoulders aren’t quite broad enough to fill out my shirts.

But that is probably coming too.

So damn surreal.

Just A Little Bit More

Sneezed so damn hard just now I am surprised I didn’t put my head through the desk.

Glad I didn’t because replacing the desk is money I don’t want to spend.

Still my hand knocked the keyboard and I went from listening to Sinead sing Molly Malone into Abba doing Take a Chance on Me.

You can call it coincidence or something else, but it makes me wonder and think about those four words again.

Can I trust you.

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