The Worst Driver’s License Picture…Ever

The streak came to an end today.

Thirty-one years of holding California Driver’s License ended with the submission of my current ID in exchange for one from Texas.

The funny thing is I didn’t like the picture on my California license and thought of it as being the worst I have ever taken.

That is debatable, because the shot on my Texas license isn’t particularly good either.

Not that any of it matters anyway, it is a license and not a head shot that is going to be submitted for acting or modeling gigs.

Some Changes Come Fast & Furious

I learned during my first sojourn in Texas that the weather here changes far more rapidly than back home so I wasn’t surprised to learn that I might need to bundle up on my walk.

That shot below is one I grabbed Wednesday afternoon and is pretty close how things looked on Thursday.

But like so many things in life the weather can turn quickly here which is why a day later our gray skies but dry weather was replaced with a soft white substance I have rarely seen.

An hour or so at the Department of Public Safety is all it took to dust my car. Having been in Buffalo and Toronto during the Winter I know firsthand that is not all that much snow on my car.

Hell, my sister’s town in New Jersey gets a chunk of snow too and I have been there for that.

But the truth is I can count on both hands the number of times I have been in the snow so this is novel to me.

It is kind of neat, but my preference is to live where it is warm and visit the snow when and if I choose.

You can tell me all you want about how pretty the change of seasons is and I’ll smile and tell you given a choice I am a shorts and t-shirt kind of guy.

I Love Movies

I love movies, especially the ones that find a way to lose sight of where I am and what I am doing.

Since I am temporarily in a position where I am on my own I have tried to take advantage of being able to go about as often as I want.

I saw Lion tonight and really enjoyed it.

It was excellent and I think part of it is because I know someone who is going through an experience that is sort of similar to the lead.

Might not be exact, but it is close enough that I felt like I could see their face superimposed over the main character.

Made me think about how hard some moments are for some people and how those that care for them are stuck watching because there are limits to what you can do to help others.

About Bad Photos

I meant to take some time to trim and shape my beard today but I got caught up with other stuff and never did get around to it.

So I kind of anticipated that it wouldn’t come out looking all that good and the truth is, there have been a bunch of photos of me recently that have made me cringe a little bit.

They say the camera doesn’t lie but I hope they are wrong because I am not a big fan of what is reflecting back to me.

There is a reason why I keep my hair looking like I just started boot camp and if the kids hadn’t complained I might have already shaved it all off.

I am not going to take pills to try and restore what is gone and though I’d rather have a full head of hair I am not particularly attached to the idea.

There is something to be said for not having to worry about riding in convertibles or wearing hats.

Bald is beautiful and a sign of virility.

Love me with hair, love me without.

That being said it is time to work on the diet again. Things were much better pre-hernia surgery and I am going to push hard to not just get back, but do better.

A Final Comment

The best part about having a thicker beard isn’t just the food that gets caught in it or having your mother tell you not to cause trouble on the plane because you look like a terrorist.

It is having one part of your head stay warm on a cold and snowy day.

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