Misunderstandings & Misguided Expectations

Smarter men than I say you should never blog or send emails while angry because you might get yourself into trouble.

It is solid advice but I am going to ignore some of it because I am going to write this post anyway.

You won’t find a list of specific grievances and or irritations here, just a general comment about how I have been disappointed.

Nor will you find a conversation about the benefits of lowered expectations or how to manage your expectations because I have no interest in writing such a thing today.

The Selfish Narcissist

I used to love flying but I am not a big fan of it anymore, primarily because it has turned into a much bigger production than it needs to be.

You never know how fast or slow security will go but you can almost guarantee your flight will be crowded and that if you are late getting on board your overhead bin space will be nonexistent.

Granted if you fly often enough there is a pretty good likelihood you have found ways to avoid some of this chaos, like early boarding and or better seating.

In the old days better meant business/first class but now that the airlines find ways to charge you for every last thing it might mean you pay extra to have a seat that is 1/8th of an inch bigger than everyone else.

Anyhoo, I have a short trip coming up that has me feeling all sorts of antsy about.

You might even say it is giving me a little bit of shpilkes and that it is tied into why I am feeling aggravated with the aforementioned people.

Or it could be listening to the guy ahead of me at Tom Thumb who told the cashier he is tired of dealing with Selfish Narcissists while ignoring how his rant was preventing the rest of us from checking out.

Why Bother Planning

There is a good chance I am going to have to buy a new car and though it is exciting the thought of having to do it now irritates me.

The plan was to do it later in 2017, after moving and Bat Mitzvah expenses had been covered.

But the damn car hasn’t chosen to cooperate so I am waiting to hear from the mechanic to hear what particular illness or illnesses have afflicted it.

Until I am gifted with such knowledge I won’t be able to determine whether it is time to make the big purchase or pay for the drug that will keep the 10-year-old baby hale and whole.

It is the kind of situation that isn’t surprising but still makes you scratch your head and ask why bother planning.

Sort of like the double root canal, you do it because a situation came up and you handled it but not because you particularly want to.

There is a lot of that kind of stuff in life in general and lately it feels like I have had more than my fair share, not that life has ever been fair.

Sometimes I think about writing it all down to see what it looks like on paper and to help put it in perspective because talking in generalities is different than dealing with specifics.

I am convinced that doing so would provide some perspective and help prove that much of what happens in life is tied into misunderstandings and misguided expectations.

Hell, experience has proven to me time and time again that people act upon bad advice and respond arbitrarily to the situations they encounter without any regard for whether it is logical, sensible or reasonable.

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