What Happens When You Lie About Love

Some people took issue with a post called Is Trump Smarter Than A Matzah Ball?

They suggested I was bitter and asked me to reconsider and I asked them for a recount.

That only led to more poking and prodding between our two sides without the hope and promise of sexy make up time.

BTW, make sure you read those last three words with a Borat accent or a Clevander woman.

Anyhoo, I did admit to feeling some disappointment that I didn’t have such a fine president elect to use as a role model when I was younger.

Hell, if a woman turned me down back then I would have demanded a real recount.

Heck, I would have said to them, “do you know what happens when you lie about love?

You know you love me and yet you spurn me, that is a real shame. You are missing out on real life.”

The best part of it is I could have been like Trump and just spewed out these remarks without worrying about proof or verification.

Hell, I know things and I am confident I am right about a lot. If I had the chance I could prove it.

Much gratitude to dear leader elect for giving me the opportunity to say such things.

Let’s Talk About Reality

The last time I lived in Texas I arrived during the beginning of the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo.

I’ll always remember it because it initially made finding an extended stay hotel tough to find and because it was so novel to a city kid like myself.

It makes sense that there would be places for ranchers/farmers to buy livestock and that there would be a marketplace for all things related to that.

Even though I have been horseback riding many times and visited multiple farms it was so far outside of my world I never thought much about the operational side.

But somewhere during that first week of living in Texas I heard about the cattle drive and decided to check it out.


I remember walking out there and thinking one day I might be able to tell people How To Become A Cowboy and thinking how cool it was to watch those longhorns stroll down the street.

When family came to visit I made a point to take them down to the Stockyards so they could get a good gander at the cattle too.

He Rode A Blazing Saddle

He Rode A Blazing Saddle

I remember my daughter asking me if the guys on the horses were real cowboys or just actors.

By then I had seen the cattle drive three or four times and though it was always fun that was enough.

I wasn’t a tourist and didn’t want to deal with the crowds.

Fast forward three years later and I figured now that I am back in Texas and had time on my hands it might be fun to go back.

And it was fun, but two things about this trip struck me.

  1. It is really crowded on a holiday weekend, whoops.
  2. More people than ever live through their smartphones.

What you won’t see in the picture below is the 3-year-old girl who sat on her father’s shoulders.

She politely told me to move my “big head” out of her way.


I like putting my phone away sometimes to live and experience things LIVE and not afterwards.

Kind of funny in a way because lately my interest in photography has been growing and I have been taking a ton of pictures.

Here is a silly selfie from the afternoon walk.


And now courtesy of Prisma here it is again.


Can’t see my ears so you don’t know if I had anything done to them. 😉

Don’t freak out family, my ears remain untouched, if not pristine.

Bringing Down The Hammer

I received some very disappointing news last night and was reminded that our recounter-elect isn’t the only adult who acts in a manner that inspires me.

It is not worth boring you with the complete story about who did what and how so we’ll go with this.

Age doesn’t correspond with maturity any more than the lack of correlation between a person’s IQ and bank account.

So I sit here pondering whether to really bring down the hammer upon a few people who have chosen to become the role models for whiny and self-centered.

I haven’t any problem with calling them out and telling them what I think but I am not convinced it will change things.

But the primary reason I hesitate is because if there are consequences I want to be the one who has to deal with it.

I am ready, capable and willing to do so, just not sure that the aforementioned won’t focus their irritation with me elsewhere.

Very frustrating, but par for the course in some areas of life right now.

Still, I follow my buddy Albert’s philosophy about problem solving.

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