Is Trump Smarter Than A Matzah Ball?

Is it coincidence that the moment I start to write about Donald J. Trump that Big Balls by AC/DC comes on iTunes?

I think not because the AI on my ‘puter is pretty damn sharp, maybe not as sharp as Trumplestiltskin’s tongue, but sharp nonetheless.

Hell, if you held a contest between the two I expect the ‘puter would win ‘bigly.’

Folks I know I said I wasn’t going to jump into the wading pool to talk about our president elect’s intellect but sometimes I get this wild urge to let loose.

Sometimes I am determined to use science to prove that I know things and I promise you just as the river burst into flames, I can come up with a list of things that are smarter than Donald J. Trump.

Are Matzah Balls on that list?

Well they very well might be because all it takes is the willingness to read a book and regurgitate some fact.

Granted that only works if we deal with fact and given that Trumplestiltskin doesn’t care if what he says is true or false I figure the balls have a damn good chance of winning that contest.

Has He Lost His Marbles?

The answer is no, all of the damn marbles are in the picture above.

Should we talk about whether the angry orange man is the least qualified candidate to become president elect or most likely to run a kleptocracy.

Or maybe I should tell you how I drove up the street to this Brazilian steakhouse in Flower Mound.

If you have to eat on your own and enjoy a fine meal I recommend it.

Hell, I am so damn stuffed the words are spewing out of me at the same rate of a Trump bankruptcy, but with twice the honesty.

Nah, I need to ignore dinner for another moment to take off the gloves and say what the fuck is this monstrosity thinking when he involves his kids in policy and his know nothing son-in-law Kushner.

Don’t try to pacify me by saying Kushner is Jewish as if we shared the same mohel and I should feel close to him.

Well, let me back up. Abba Wilner and I appreciate how Kushner went after Christie because that dude prosecuted Kushner’s dad.

We appreciate family loyalty but neither of us have much respect for the rest of what we see.

This whole shit show reminds me far too much of the last Bond movie Spectre.

That reminds me, Pence is a great super villain but appears to be an awful person.

Daniel Craig is a great Bond, but Spectre wasn’t so…great.

Cue Adele, time to sing an original composition about this evil administration.


I couldn’t decide whether to stick that Toby Keith quote in or if I should go with Shakespeare.


I May Be That Idiot

I may be that idiot. I may be a fool, a moron and a buffoon.

Maybe I am wrong and Donald J. Trump’s utter lack of qualifications for the office and great con job of the voters isn’t going to be awful.

You may not believe me when I say I want to be wrong and that I want to say, “the p*ssy grabber drained the swamp, helped minorities, women and restored the middle class.”

If you know me well you know that I don’t think much of Obama’s foreign policy and that I lost my damn house in large part because of things that happened in Washington.

You know I turned my life upside down and inside out to keep from getting pulled under.

And you know in most ways things are a thousand times better now than they were and that I don’t go to sleep thanking the government for making it so.

It is because I am willing to pour gasoline over my head and dance in the fire and because of family/friends.

But it is hard to be optimistic when I see the poster child for the trust fund bullies promote some of his choices as being the best most qualified.

Music Break

Over The Hills And Far Away– Led Zeppelin

Hey Hey What Can I Do– Led Zeppelin

Can’t Find My Way Home– Steve Winwood // Blind Faith

Tales Of Brave Ulysses– Cream

Layla– Derek & The Dominoes/Eric Clapton

Sabotage– Beastie Boys

If you are a kid of a certain age you’ll appreciate that Beastie Boys video. You can Starsky, Hutch, Kojak or Barretta.

Or I suppose if I want to include the 70’s girls you can be Charlie’s Angels or Wonder Woman.

C’mon if I put the music on you’ll start spinning in circles or assume the Angel’s position(s).

Hell, if I put the theme to Rocky on half the room still starts shadow boxing.

My kids ran the steps, but they didn’t really get it. Now that they are a bit older and have seen the movie they might.

Might have to take them to Philly just to see if they cringe watching dad run the stairs.


2016 Is Killing People

Ok, I know that 2016 isn’t killing people but man this year has grabbed musicians and actors of my youth at what feels like a ridiculous rate.

Not going to shed any tears over Castro, but did you have to take Mrs. Brady.

Really 2016, you need to sit your hungry ass down before we figure out a way to put you down.


I could write more about denial not being a river in Egypt and how some people need to stop fooling themselves.

It would be easy to pick and point at things and to rant but I don’t know that it would change anything.

Sometimes people need to thaw out and wake up on their own.

Look, if you read along you know I am frustrated about some things and that it is not easy for me to sit back.

But I am also optimistic about a lot.

When you have fallen into a hole and or had your ship go down it is easy to feel a little sad and then you remember you climbed out and built a new one.

That knowledge is enough to make you remember and realize that there is always a way.

And it works even when your VP should be a supervillain and your president elect thinks Bernie Madoff is a hero.

JW has left the building.

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