Songs Of The Soul Mate

When your plans go astray and you dance with reckless abandon you might want to close the shades or your neighbors will put your crazy moves on YouTube.

Of course I can neither confirm nor deny whether I know anything about said dancing.

Instead I’ll tell you I heard about this place in Southlake that provides gourmet cinnamon rolls and that I spent the day wrestling with whether to check it out or not.

Got a message from an old acquaintance asking for an explanation about a variety of things and sent them the following.

So if you want to know more, if you want to really learn what is happening you’ll have to take advantage of Ma Bell.

Pull out that old rotary phone and let your fingers do the walking.

In the interim I have to go as I have a meeting with destiny and I am not willing to be late for that one.

When they asked me what it meant I said ‘I don’t do text.’

That is not entirely true, I text all the damn time but I rarely engage in long discussions that way.


Because I can tell you the story in less time than it takes to text and do so without the confusion and misunderstanding a text only conversation creates.

And please do yourself a favor, don’t tell me I owe you an explanation for ‘weird status updates’ or almost anything else.

There is a very short list of people I owe anything to demanding is a good way to get me to quote The Princess Bride.

Get Used To Disappointment.


Songs Of The Soul Mate- Musical Intermission

Call Me– Blondie
I Would Do Anything For Love-Meatloaf
Paradise By The Dashboard Light– Meatloaf
Question– The Moody Blues
Witchita Lineman– Glen Campbell
Band On The Run– Paul McCartney & Wings
Wake Up– Arcade Fire
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face– Johnny Cash
All I Know– Art Garfunkel
Dark Necessities– Red Hot Chili Peppers
Eye Of The Tiger– Survivor
I Want to Take You Higher– Sly and the Family Stone

Self Limiting Beliefs

There was a time when I would have rolled my eyes at anyone who talked about self limiting beliefs and how we set our own limitations.

“I don’t believe in new age bullshit. Show me science. Show me what I can touch, see and believe.”

Those days are gone.

Primarily because I don’t use extreme examples to prove the theory is invalid.

I don’t need it to work for everything. I just need it to work for basic things and that is enough.

Had that conversation with a boy who has my hands and feet but I don’t think he bought into it.

Tried to show him he created a cage of his own making and that he can open the door, but I am not sure he heard it.

That was painful.

I’m never afraid to bloody my knuckles and some of you know I am willing to storm the castle and try to tear down the walls.

Hell, some of you have given me specific instructions to do so and then contradicted your instructions, but I digress.


I Am Not Going Anywhere

A while back I had a conversation with a friend about writing and how much I enjoy it.

Spent a solid chunk of time talking about how many meanings some phrases can have and how many different directions you can take them.

To those who ask if I view living in Texas as an extended trip I say, “I am not going anywhere. Wouldn’t have registered my car and gotten Texas license plates if I hadn’t.

To those who ask what I mean when I say I am not going anywhere. “My feet are planted and I won’t move unless there is purpose behind it. Take that literally and or take it as a sign that I have your back.”

And to those who ask for another meaning I share the following. “It was an ugly morning, something I ate declared war upon me so I accepted that I wasn’t going anywhere…briefly.”

Some things may slow me down or cause a detour or unexpected stop but I set my mind upon things and get where I am going.

It Is Cold In Grapevine

Went out for a slice of pizza last night wearing shorts and a t-shirt and the guy at the counter asked me if I was comfortable.

Told him it was fine and he asked if I was from back east because it was forty-something.

I shook my head and said LA and he told me I ought to pay attention because it gets cold in Texas.

I smiled and told him I am used to it, it wasn’t unusual for the Valley to drop into the forties and sometimes the thirties.

Later on I planted myself in my favorite chair and listened to a reading of The Once And Future King on Audible and wondered what it would take to write a book and have it converted into a Book-On-Tape.

A phone call interrupted the moment and I realized it was getting chilly inside my apartment and pulled out a pair of sweats

Got lost in thought about some other stuff and started thinking about how many singers need auto-tune and who doesn’t.

She can still bring it huh.

Aretha was performing as part of a tribute to Carole King who rightfully was touched by that performance.

Her response made me think again about how that is part of the goal in telling a story, you want people to be moved.

I suppose it is possible to do that to people with text and that books are proof of that, but as I said above, if we are talking about personal relationships it is not my preferred method of communication.

It is fine for people I speak with on a regular basis, but not what I want for catching up.

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