Dawn Of The Angry Oompa-Loompa

I can’t remember the last time I watched an episode of South Park but I have meaning to do so just to see how they covered the election.

But when you are juggling chainsaws shows like South Park rank so low on the priority list they aren’t even given their own line and check box.

Anyhoo, sometimes things float up from the depths and make their presence known in the great wasteland that lies between my ears.

And that my friends is when I realized it didn’t take any imagination to picture Trump/Cartman saying to “respect my authoritah.”

That link goes to Comedy Central but it doesn’t want to render here so I am sticking a copy of the YouTube video here instead.

Dawn Of The Angry Oompa-Loompa

We’re almost a full week into the post-election madness and I haven’t seen much that makes me feel like we are headed towards a kinder and gentler time.

Thus far the majority of what I hear/read/see are posts and comments about how the other side should behave.

Lots of people shouting, finger pointing and fist waving with very few people asking to have a conversation.

That is disappointing and a bit disturbing because we are never going to get anywhere if all we do is yell.

Two days ago I was told by someone that the reason I was upset was because I didn’t want to hear the truth and that therefore I shouldn’t feel insulted or angry.

I didn’t bother to respond because telling someone how they should feel isn’t just tone deaf, it is moronic.

I could have typed slowly and used small words to help them understand how their opinion was based on a lie and that facts could be their friend but I didn’t.

It wasn’t going to be heard, accepted or understood so I smiled and told them to have fun on the short school bus and went about my way.

I won’t lie and say I didn’t want to let it go but I have a couple of significant challenges that require my attention and figured that is where my time should go.

So I’ll share here part of what I would have said and that is we are in this situation in part because of how our candidates worked to enrage and inflame emotions.

My perspective is that the majority of it was done by Trump and that as president-elect he needs to start working hard to bridge the gap and reduce the divisiveness.


What You Need Versus What You Want

The two big challenges I mentioned are wearing on me a bit because they are things I have almost no control over.

I am working hard to accept that and to focus on the things I can direct but it is not easy.

Some days I feel like I am in one of those lumberjack logrolling competitions and am consistently amazed I haven’t fallen off.

But I do have resources like the Magic Eight ball who respond to my questions with a signs point to yes or cannot predict now.

You have to love the certainty you get with answers like that and the confidence that is derived from them.

Reminds me of how a while back I read this thing online that said a smart Virgo would listen to a Taurus because they could provide answers no one else could.

I need to have that made into a shirt and maybe adjusted to say all of the signs should listen to a Taurus and that is no bull.

But the real focal point of managing this particular moment in time is to be laser focused on what I need and less on what I want.

If the needs are met the wants will be filled too, just not now.

Supermoon and Super Crazy

The new Supermoon was rising as the sunset here and I made a point to stop and stare at it.

I figure after I finish folding my laundry I’ll go outside and take another gander because it was beautiful.

And I’ll add that I know I have a crazy week ahead of me and I hope this crazy moon doesn’t add crazy energy to it, unless it is positive of course.

Who knows maybe the man in the moon will smile down upon me and make some good things happen.

But you know it really doesn’t matter because when you plan for the best and prepare for the worst you have done all you can do.

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