We’ll Always Have Paris…Right

If you are going to reference Casablanca you ought to come hard and make a statement.

Something like Victor Laszlo like didn’t deserve to stay with Ilsa because they weren’t really meant to be together.

Maybe they loved each other, but they weren’t in love the way Rick and Ilsa were.

All you have to do is watch a few minutes and you figure out that Rick Blaine is one cool cat and that he knows exactly who and what he is.

The man has it all figured out, until she blows up his life in that famous “of all of the gin joints in all the towns in the world scene.”

You watch that and you remember that Adam lived in paradise until Eve said, “take a bite of my apple.”

To Be Or Not To Be…Rick

I don’t know if I have ever been as cool as Rick, but there have been some moments where I felt like could relate a little bit.

Of course I never had my own club or got the chance to tell some Nazi bastard, “Well there are certain sections of New York, Major, that I wouldn’t advise you to try to invade.”

But given some of the support our president elect has you never know, I just might get to tell some David Duke wannabe to keep moving or lose the ability to retain normal use of your limbs.

I prefer not to have one of those discussions and think it is probably unfair to compare myself to a movie character.

Bogey might have been one of those cool in real life characters as well the screen too, I am not sure.

What I am sure of is if award winning writers fed me lines I’d sound a lot cooler too, but I digress.


We Could Use A Little More Lovin’

I haven’t read Anna Karenina yet so I wasn’t familiar with the quote above, but I rather like it.

Seems to me the world would be a kinder and gentler place if a few more people got on board with the sentiment.

Speaking of love I picked up a copy of Cheap Trick’s The Flame and Meatloaf’s Paradise By The Dashboard Light.

Definitely not ‘Trick’s best song, but for less than a buck I figured what the hell.

Both of those songs triggered a variety of memories not the least of which is how different it is to buy music now.

The days of hoping your favorite artist/band put out a record that had at least five or six good songs are long gone.

Speaking of long gone my idea of cooking my own turkey for Thanksgiving is long gone too.

I figured since I’ll be hanging out by myself on T-Day I’d make my own little feast and thought it might be cool to make my own turkey.

And then I thought about all of the leftovers and decided I couldn’t stomach the idea of eating turkey for the next three months.

So I’ll probably see about picking up some Thanksgiving food and spend the night writing down some old memories or watching a movie.

I don’t mind because it is for a good reason and I am willing to compromise when it is for the greater good.

Grabbing Hips & Getting Nasty

There was a moment earlier this week where I had a disagreement with someone else online.

He was particularly nasty but I don’t think he had any idea how quickly I can pound these keyboards into producing content.

It was all shock and awe on my part, hundreds of words raining down upon him, daring him to support his spurious allegations with fact and not opinion.

I rather enjoyed taking the gloves off and letting him have it. That is what happens when you are stressed out and you have limited resources for alleviating said stress.

But there was a part of me that asked whether it was worth giving into the anger because he wasn’t likely to change his mind.

Hell, most people who read it probably weren’t going to change their mind.

Still I continued down the fool’s path because sometimes you go for broke and hope that you’ll be seen and heard.

Sometimes you do it knowing full well that if others removed their blinders they’d absolutely agree but understand they probably won’t…remove their blinders.

It is easier to go along and get along than to take a risk.

Still if we look back our boy Rick we see even he found that a sharp tongue didn’t always work out as expected.

Well, I guess neither one of our stories is very funny. Tell me, who was it you left me for? Was it Lazlo, or were there others in between or… aren’t you the kind that tells?

When my kids tell me I can’t understand people/life today I think about Casablanca and all of the other 1,983,383 love stories of the ages.

The settings and names may change, but people don’t.

Check back in 500 years and you’ll still read/see tales about men trying to figure out where the logic and rational thought is in in the woman that catches their eye. 😉

And in all those stories you’ll find every mix of triumph and tragedy and those that haven’t quite figured out how to categorize their own.

We’ll Always Have Paris…Right.

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