Facebook- It’s Cryptic & Vague Gibberish

Thought about using some more lyrics for this post and couldn’t decide if I felt like pulling from Magic Bus, Love Reign O’er Me, Even Now or Join Together.

Bonus points if you know I threw a Barry Manilow song in the mix just to mess with you.

Double bonus points if you can sing along with Lou to Walk on The Wild Side while listening to Leonard Cohen sing Hallelujah.


Facebook- It’s Cryptic & Vague Gibberish

Brother Saks returns from his trip to the Holy Land and asks if I have continued to use Facebook to post cryptic and vague gibberish.

I tell him when the mountains ask you to tell stories about what life was like when they were little you miss a lot.

He uses a couple of colorful words and to describe me and promises that I am not that much younger.

I tell him he is right in concept but a decade is enough space for me to make cracks about age.

Hell, I do it to people born in ’68 who in tn theory aren’t much older than I am but in practice,well those months are big.

And then I remind him I only tease people I like and suggest he pay attention to who I do and do not do that to.

He turns down my suggestion as a significant waste of time and I tell him he is smart.

He is also correct, much of Facebook is filled with cryptic and vague gibberish.

Sometimes I think it is the perfect place to lose a chunk of IQ points and time.


It’s About People

There is an intensity and depth that connects some people that fascinates me.

Some connections can’t be broken and some can’t ever be made.

Most relationships between people don’t swing to either of those extremes, but lately it sure feels like it.

I attribute most of that to the extreme polarization in the US. Some of you might not appreciate the US centric position I have taken here, but we write based upon personal experiences.

Given the very ugly campaign that is just ending I am feeling a little battered and bruised by the nastiness that has been thrown around by both sides.

This time around has wrecked some friendships and destroyed some important relationships, not for me, not yet but it has come close.

But I have worked hard to not let it create chaos and to remind myself that fear is driving the decision making of many people on both sides.

Some people might disagree and I am cool with that.

I have some friends and family who are voting for the wrong candidate but I am convinced they are doing it for reasons that I can accept.

Call that code for choices that aren’t based upon hate and because of the nature of our friendship we agree to disagree.

It is not easy because this time around feels like the wrong choice could hurt us all, but I believe in our system.

I believe it is important for us to have the ability to make our own choices and hope whomever is elected exceeds expectations.

And I believe that we’ll find our way through this and that America will come out the other side.

Mind you if you look at the last 10 years of my life you know I have been through some pretty hellish moments.

The benefit is I have learned how to roll with the punches and spring back from the hard times.

I have lost or given up a lot and I am not who I once was, but time and experience would have changed me anyway.

So at this point I am ready to see who we choose to steer the ship and hope that a system of checks and balances helps keep things moving the right way.

Anyhoo, all this just reminds me again that we have limited control over our lives and that most of what we need to do is focus on being the captain of our destiny as best we can.

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