The Dishonest Trust About Honesty

The mornings haven’t been as kind to me recently as I would like for them to be.

Sleep is a bit fitful and though I know the reasons why it hasn’t allowed me to shake off the feeling that more changes are coming.

Anticipation grinds upon me and I wish to confront the hidden specter that hides just beyond my eyes.

If he/she/it won’t let me sleep allow me to return the favor by smacking the sense into or out of it.

Since I can’t rouse the specter from its hiding place nor devise a way to move past this moment I choose to revisit distractions.

Somewhere between the end of my dreams and awareness that I am fully awake I hear a voice calling out to me.

I turn knowing I won’t see anyone or anything but figure what the hell because the veil between day and night is thin enough that maybe I’ll be surprised.


The Dishonest Trust About Honesty

People say they want to hear the honest unvarnished truth but very few mean that.

It is a sounds good and feels good but most of us don’t really want to hear what others really think.

Maybe in some areas, but overall I don’t think most are prepared to be told how many times they have disappointed, disturbed and or hurt others.

I suppose it begs the question of whether people really need to hear the truth or if there is a kinder and gentler way of sharing such a thing.

Blame the coming election on this particular line of thought. Won’t be long before we get to find out about broken promises again, now will it.

Musical Interlude

Springsteen’s Tunnel of Love has long been one of my favorite albums. I got it the year it was released and it has long resonated with me.


Every time I listen to Bruce I find myself thinking that if I push myself to go harder and deeper with my writing I can take it somewhere really special.

I do ok with the old pen and paper, but I’d like to do better and be better.

All of which reminds me that part of what is making me edgy is this sense that when the wave hits I am going to know that I was always going to wind up there.

Doesn’t necessarily mean it is good or bad, just means that I am not a huge fan of anticipation.

Sometimes I would prefer for it to happen or just not happen, the in between is hard.

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