I’m Not A Rock Or An Island

I am not a rock, nor an island but I am looking for that bridge over troubled waters.

Got a few things going on that have me wondering what really happens when you stare into the abyss.

Haven’t slept as well I would like to because things are on my mind and the stuff I am wrestling with feels enormous.

Do I trust the gut feeling that tells me it is not as big as I think and that one day this will be part of a great story?

Or do I let the sneaky voice inside push me to continue to be hyper aware of little things.

If I ride true to form I’ll trust my gut because I know things.


It Is Not Shtick

Someone once told me I need to develop or find a new shtick because “I know things” is worn out.

I don’t think of it that way.

It’s experience and I am relying upon it to help navigate some situations I never could have foreseen.

My gut tells me these are responsible for screwing with my sense of balance and are why I am feeling slightly off kilter.

If had coffee or went to a movie with the new shtick person I’d say precisely what I have said.

I’d say when the crap starts flying and you can’t duck you have to rely upon something, might as well be experience.

If you can’t trust yourself who can you trust.


Heartbreak For Someone

Game 7 of the World Series is playing on the television behind me.

The Cubs are playing the Indians and until a moment or two ago it looked like the Cubs would win handily.

All it took was a couple of mistakes by the Cubs and smart play by the Indians and everything changed.

Tie game.

The funny thing about sports is how they can mirror life.

It doesn’t take much for life to spin one direction or another. Doesn’t take much for the good to be replaced with bad and the bad replaced by good.

Change is the one constant.

There is going to be heartbreak somewhere, one city or another and the fans scattered elsewhere will share it.

Simultaneously there will be celebrations from the fans of the victors.

Nothing particularly profound there, just a thought.

I’m Not A Rock Or An Island

I need to stop typing and go back to the game. Need to stop thinking and just watch, but the game is stressing me out a bit.

Kind of silly because I am a Dodgers fan, but the Cubs, well they are important to family and therefore important to me.

It has been a hell of a series and it is a shame that only one team can win.

G0t to go now because I am not a rock or an island and I have to do more than just listen.

I have to watch, participation is necessary even when it is tied into things you cannot control.

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