You Don’t Want To Know

A while back someone asked what sort of recipe the baker used to make the challah in the picture here but I couldn’t bring myself to find out.

I didn’t need to know if the man used a secret recipe passed down from generation to generation or if there was something else going on.

Imagination had already taken me to places I wasn’t certain I wanted to visit so I figured I might as well just let the knowledge pass because sometimes ignorance is bliss.

You Don’t Want To Know

You don’t want to know about the stomach ache I have had for two days now or the reasons why.

Or maybe I don’t want you to know because we already share too damn much on social media.

What I can tell you is that it is challenging to be a professional when you feel like part of your body has declared mutiny.

However it is ridiculously hard when someone in the general area engages in biological warfare.

Don’t take that as a euphemism for my saying my distress caused other people some discomfort because that didn’t happen.

Fact is, if I ever let something so vile and destructive upon the world as was released today I would tell you.

It was so awful you could be proud of it.

So awful you could rob a bank and get away with it because people would faint and collapse in fits of coughing.

But I wasn’t responsible.

Maybe if I had been my stomach wouldn’t have felt like an alien was trying to explode out of it.

Anyhoo, let’s go back to that subhead and ask ourselves what “you don’t want to know” means.

It could be a back handed way of saying some people don’t really care how you are doing and only ask by rote.

Or it could mean that sometimes you might be very curious about certain situations and or circumstances but you don’t really want to know the answer.


Because whatever that answer may be is going to aggravate you and you will stay aggravated because there is nothing you can do about that situation.

Hence, sometimes ignorance is bliss.


Real Conversation

Don’t know about you but lately it seems like I have been a part of broken communication.

I send a text message out and get a response that has nothing to do with what I sent.

Someone asks me if I’ll share who I am voting for and goes on a tear because they can’t understand why I don’t support their candidate.

They never do get an answer because when I try to respond they fly off the handle and yell about something I didn’t say.

Someone else asks a question and I ask if they want an answer and hear “that’s nice.”

I guess they didn’t really want to know.

No wonder things are so crazy right now. 😉

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