Only The Blind Can See

If you haven’t seen the Hunter Moon that dominates the evening sky you are missing out on some spectacular beauty.

I’d like to say its presence in the night sky is responsible for the crazy times we are living in but it would be patently false.

It wouldn’t explain the guy at the inspection place told me it is a good thing I am going to change my California plates because some people in Texas carry guns in their cars or trucks.

Nor would it explain why I looked at him and said I was sad to say LA invented freeway shootings.

Or maybe it would.

Maybe that giant white orb is responsible for all of the crazy shit going around right now and we can say once it sets we won’t see this stuff for a while.

Probably not.


I’d Rather Be Stupid Than Crazy

Mom, if you are reading this you might want to skip the next several paragraphs because you might not like it.

You might not like hearing there might be a couple of women out there who would say I made them crazy and that they thought I was stupid.

Hell, maybe they still do and maybe I still think they are crazy.

I won’t name names in the name of chivalry or maybe because I know it might irk a person or two at not knowing if I am referring to them or not.

And m0m, if you did choose to keep reading I imagine you’re shaking your head and asking why I insist on being difficult.

Or maybe you’re thinking about how my sisters claim I sometimes teased them and that maybe I could have listened to you and dad sometimes.

Well, as your favorite son I can assure you I listened but I cannot confirm nor deny whether I followed your advice/direction.

I can also confirm my middle sister never appreciated being told to relax or to calm down but that is because she wasn’t gifted with my easy going nature.

Anyhoo, no one asked but I’ll tell you given the choice I’ll pick stupid over crazy.

I like being in touch with reality because sometimes you can fix stupid but crazy isn’t quite so easy.

Sometimes crazy fools you and just when you think you have seen all of it crazy demonstrates they have two or three more levels you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing yet.

But there have been moments where I danced with crazy and wondered if maybe it might be useful to open the door and invite crazy in.

I can’t tell you if crazy didn’t like me enough to stay or if I disliked crazy enough to throw the bum out.

I just know he left me to stare in the mirror and ask the hard questions we all ask.

It makes me think of Whitman’s Song Of Myself, or at least a particular section.

There was never any more inception than there is now,
Nor any more youth or age than there is now,
And will never be any more perfection than there is now,
Nor any more heaven or hell than there is now

The best part of having been through the challenges of the past decade and in particular the last 5 years is how freeing it is.

Only The Blind Can See

Regardless of whether you believe things happen for a reason and or are meant to be or not there are lots of lessons to have been learned.

When you move 7 times in five years you learn very quickly how to identify what possessions are really important and what can be discarded.

You learn how roll with change and how to detach from things and or people that no longer serve you.

And you figure out who loves you, who likes you and who at best tolerates you.

The combination of figuring out who you want to journey with you, what possessions are truly important and what experiences you want to have is huge.

Because the thing is many if not most of us talk about what we want to do someday.

It is always someday because there is a reason why we shouldn’t or can’t do it now and that is usually fear.

I don’t know about you, but most of my big regrets in life are tied into fear or should I say, I didn’t do something I wanted to because of fear.

That disappoints me.

Back to Whitman for a moment.

I believe in you my soul, the other I am must not abase itself to you,
And you must not be abased to the other.

Let’s not suggest I am saying to be reckless or wishing I had been such because I am not.

What I am saying is simple.


Simple is a relative term and I am not sure I would have understood simple when I was younger as well as I do now.

People are going to act as they do, often without much thought or regard for whatever it is they do.

Sometimes fear will drive them to make decisions that go against their true desires and sometimes blindness.

Sometimes stupidity will drive the bus and sometimes crazy will hail the cabs.

These days I follow simple because during a time when life is in some respects more complicated than it has ever been simple works.

If the soul says move forward I shall listen and if it says stop because it recognizes another, well than I’ll do that too.

And if someone is dumb enough to suggest that LA is a little podunk town I might be stupid enough to say otherwise.

Don’t forget to go look at that moon, there is magic in the night.

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