Who Do You Trust?

You can blame politics for the multiple conversations about trust and attribute them to more thought about who I trust and why.

It didn’t take a ton of reflection or introspection for me to recognize I have a very short list of people I trust implicitly.

What I haven’t decided is whether the short list means I am paranoid, people savvy or somewhere in between.

But what I do find to be funny is that there are people on the short list who I have had little contact with as of late but make it because of a gut feeling.

loveangelouWho Do You Trust?

The snarky part of me says that “Maya Angelou is dead and I am not Maya Angelou.”

But there is a different part of me that likes the sentiment and thinks it is worth applying to life in general.

Or maybe it is because not long ago I told my son that it is worth risking being hurt because the rewards are so much larger than you expect.

Most people aren’t out to hurt us or do us wrong and if you open your heart you can get so much in return.

Still I understand some of his concern because I am pretty selective about who I am willing to let in and who I won’t.

Not everyone deserves the key to the inner sanctum and some who have had it have abused it.

Nonetheless if you don’t take the great risk you don’t get the reward and that is a lesson I hope he really takes to heart.

What You Missed

A few people have complained about the amount of content I have produced and have asked me to slow down.

I politely said no and told them they aren’t obligated to read everything and said if they really want to know what is going on in my world they ought to pick up the phone or get a up of coffee with me.

Or if that doesn’t work here is a brief snapshot:

I was born. I grew up. Got Married. Had kids. Bought a house. Sold a house. Moved twice during the last few months and had surgery once.

Wrote these posts:

Wrote others elsewhere too, but this is a good list for now.

Or as Trump would say “I have terrific ideas and great plans. My friends say I have terrific ideas and great plans too.

Hillary doesn’t have great plans like I have great plans.”

“Excuse me Mr. Trump, can you share details?”

“Look a squirrel!”

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