A Thief Of Hearts

I can’t tell if the ghost of Neruda read a recent post and paid me a visit or whether something else made me think of the excerpt in the photo below or not.

Nor can I tell you what makes me associate “The Thief of Hearts” with him.


You Ought To Be Present

I am not absent minded nor do I have lots of stories about losing things, forgetting important events or any other similarities.

But I am human and I do have stories.

The thing is there aren’t many and I have to think hard to remember about how I once got locked out of the house in my underwear or misplaced other things.

Sadly today I got to add a new story to the list and I am less than happy about it.

My money clip disappeared.

I am 98.3% certain it slipped out at the movie theater and though I didn’t realize it was gone until after I left it wasn’t particularly long.

Might have been all of 25 minutes later, while I tried to check out at Target.

So I retraced my steps, searched the car and asked guest services if anyone had turned anything in.

Did the same thing at the movie theater and came up with a big fat zero.

Left my name at both places and went home hoping that someone will turn it in, but if they don’t it is another lesson learned.

And that lesson is to focus on being present wherever I am at.

Just Let It In

That is not a song reference, there no soft intonations about someone knocking at the door or ringing the bell but I suppose having referenced Neruda it might make sense to reference McCartney here too.

Or maybe those references help illustrate how much is going on inside my head at all times.

There are always a million thoughts/ideas trying to catch my eye so it makes sense that sometimes I am distracted.

But don’t mistake that to mean I am ditzy or an airhead because I am neither.

No, what let it in refers to the feeling I get courtesy of the Star Wars trailer below. It is the understanding to not rely solely upon what my head says I should do and to follow more of my heart.

Because every time I let go and let it in good things happen.

Remember What Einstein Said

I am not smart enough to remember some conversations with teenagers will feel like you just shoved a hot poker that’s smeared with Tabasco sauce up your rear.

It would be nice to say it is because I have always taken after Einstein.

It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.

The implication there is that I have solved and continue to solve problems by sticking with them and working hard to suss out an answer.

That is only partially true because the reality is sometimes I have been so irked by the problem I have tried to batter it into submission.

Common sense says it is not always the best approach and that is a big part of why I have tried to adjust how I do things.

Better to say I am slow to change than I refuse to.

Experience has proven to me it is easier to go along and get along than to always be the guy that swims upstream.

Don’t let that fool you into thinking the fire in my belly has been extinguished and I won’t go my own way because I do and I will.

I am just more circumspect about it.

I Will Find You

Got Clannad singing I Will Find You and a new parade of images swimming through my mind.

Got clips of Hawkeye running through the mountains in Last Of The Mohicans and clips of me walking quickly through Target and the  theater looking for my clip and cards.

I have been trying not to focus too hard on it.

What I am not sure of is how many other things I definitely have lost besides the cash and the AAA card that I kept with it.

The lost cash irks me because it is such a dumb way to lose it but the uncertainty of what else I lost is irritating.

That is because experience has taught me that sometimes you really don’t recognize the extent of loss until it happens.

I’d like to believe that age, experience and maturity will help me more effectively navigate these things in the future because those few big losses of the past were…substantial.

Anyhoo I’ll continue to follow old Al’s lead and stick with problems longer and see how it goes.

Speaking of loss I need to get the hell off of this computer and go exercise. The prohibition against doing it post-surgery is about ready to be lifted and I can’t wait any longer.

Time to give this scar a better stomach to live upon.

See you in the comments, Facebook or wherever else we may haunt each other upon. 🙂

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