You Need A Woman Part 2

Confession part of me almost feels guilty about the encounter with the Trump supporter I referred to as portly over here.

But if you are going to come at me with the sort of unsolicited nonsense he brought I am not going to lose much sleep over it.

Ok, I am not going to lose any sleep over it, I tried to disengage and he kept poking at me.

My kids have heard me say more than once that you don’t want to start a fight you aren’t prepared to finish and that it’s usually best to avoid them.

The music of the moment has been a mix of Led Zeppelin, Otis Redding along with Simon & Garfunkel.

Technically it is supposed to help motivate me to do some more cleaning up and organizing around here but instead it pushed me to sit down and do some more writing.

So instead of tending to the few dishes in the sink and the papers floating around I am here sharing silly tales with you.

Doesn’t matter much because there are no children or roommates here and no visitors are expected to show tonight so I can live with the mess.

Well, not all night but I don’t care if I wait to take care of it.

I wonder if the saleswoman from the other day would have appreciated it if I had said the real reason I need a woman is to clean this joint up.

Probably not, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to get into a long conversation about what she meant when she told me I should be furniture shopping with a woman.

I don’t walk around looking for reasons to be offended or think that everything that is said that is questionable should be questioned.

Sometimes people misspeak or phrase things in an awkward fashion that leaves them open for misinterpretation.

It doesn’t hurt to give the benefit of the doubt.

Speaking Of Doubt

Have you seen the picture floating around online that says more Americans believe in Bigfoot than trust Hillary Clinton?

I played around with creating my own photo that said 65% of Bigfeet think Donald Trump’s hair is fake as do 46.5% of Americans who learned how to read in kindergarten.

Can you tell I roll my eyes at some of the memes and statistics that people throw around.

The posts and comments I see online make me feel very skeptical about whether people understand what is significant and what isn’t.

Sometimes I want to create a series of ads with numbers that are made up just to see what people believe.

For example :

19% of women from cleveland say they love LeBron James even though he lives in Los Angeles and says LA is better than the frigid Midwest.


68% of women from cleveland left the city in college and never moved back.

If we use the current election cycle commentary as a basis for comparison I am certain people would argue about both of those ridiculous statements.

Some people might argue the second one suggests there is something wrong with cleveland but the reality is it doesn’t say why these women never moved back, just that they did not.

That is not an indictment or endorsement.

There is not enough information to make a judgement yet many people fail to see a reason why facts or lack thereof would be a reason to withhold judgment.


Musician Or Painter

Johnny Cash and June are just finished singing Jackson and I have Johnny’s cover of Hurt playing.

A moment passes and the Cash turns into Springsteen and I can’t help but think about how if I could magically gain some more skills I would become a musician or a painter.

Hell, if we are talking about magic there is not reason why I couldn’t become a master at both.

But I’d probably have to ask the genie for a longer life because I don’t know if there is enough time to do it all.

And if I were a lounge singer this would be the moment I started singing Time In A Bottle but I am not.

I am just a guy typing at a keyboard trying to do the best I can with what I have and where I am at.

Thank you Teddy Roosevelt.

And now it is time to go back to other things, you know where to find me.

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