You Better Stomp Those Grapes

Got Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris singing This Is Us on iTunes, a bag of beef jerky and some coffee by my side.

Flipping through old notes and musings I come across one where someone accused me of using Petitio Principii to frame my argument.

The memory makes me smile and reminds me how often we find ourselves trying to cut the legs out from under people who disagree with us because we are uncomfortable with the positions we are forced to take.

The music moves onto the Doobie Brothers and Nobody and my smile is growing broader and I feel myself becoming bolder because I don’t just feel things.

I know things and I don’t care who agrees or feels differently.

The train has left the station and I am going full steam ahead and will handle whatever comes my way.

Favorite Moments, Places & Spaces

Somewhere during the midst of writing The Class Of ’69 Is Better Than ’68 I got an email asking me if I worried about whether people were reading my posts or not.

I told them I don’t write for shares, sponsorships or book deals.

I don’t go to blogging conferences hoping to be discovered or whine my way into convincing a brand to use me.

Some will call me bitter and or envious and I’ll nod my head and say sometimes it is true.

But not often and when I see some of the crap that is produced I am happy I am not the one pumping it out because some ambassadors are should be labeled illiterate.

Of course if you pay me enough cash or give me enough swag it is possible I might one day be the one pumping out crap in which case you can say I am a hypocrite who sold out.

Let’s be clear, there is a number at which I can be bought for many things, but not all things but I digress.

Why I Write

I love the feeling I get when the words are flowing from my fingertips because it gives me a rush.

It feels a lot like a good workout feels to me and that surge of adrenaline flows at my favorite price point…free.

Writing is a great way to learn a little bit more about ourselves and figure out who we really are and not who we think we are.

It is how we take a current pulse and recognize that the man/woman we think we are disappeared years before.

Parenting, love and life force us to grow, evolve and change so it would be foolish to think that the people we are in our thirties, forties or fifties are who we forever will be.

On a side note I am sure the changes continue as we get older but I am too freaking far from 60 and beyond to include that in the list.


You Better Stomp Those Grapes

I had plans for today that got turned upside down and inside out for the best of reasons.

I slept in and decided that I wasn’t in any particular rush to go anywhere or do much of anything.

That is a blessing to me and one that I hope to share with my children.

We spend so much of our lives running from place to place we often lose sight of being present in the moment we are in.

So what I want is to teach them how to work hard and get things done and how to relax and just be.

Will the world end because I didn’t go check out some grape festival?


Will I discover that I missed out on some life changing event?

Maybe yes and maybe no.

You can say that about anything and everything. You never know when the ordinary is going to become extraordinary.

Anyhoo, if I am going to go to some wine festival I probably ought to make sure I am prepared to go stomp on some grapes.

I don’t think my kids have ever seen an episode of I Love Lucy but I bet they’d love to see their old man stomping on some grapes like that crazy redhead.

Speaking of those rug rats of mine I need to share some Marcus Aurelius with them real soon.

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