More Confessions From The Road

Those of you who were fortunate to read Half True Confessions From The Road are two steps ahead of the few who are just showing up today.

It is not because you already won free passes to Disneyland, a ride on a unicorn or free Facebook for life either.

No sir, it is because you got something more valuable than all of those together, that is assuming you filled out the forms.

You did fill out and submit the forms that were located at the end of the post, didn’t you.

More Confessions From The Road

I thought it was funny that some guy at a rest stop in New Mexico asked me, the dude with California plates on his car for advice on where to go in Texas.

Granted this won’t be my first time living in the Lone Star state but I wasn’t there long enough the last time to consider myself to be an expert.

Knowledgeable about some things but a novice in far more.

But if things go as I expect this time I am going to be around a lot longer.


Someone asked me if I consider this my second stay or if it is just me finishing what I started the last time but I didn’t answer them because I wasn’t sure what I thought.

It wouldn’t be hard to argue it both ways, especially since this room in El Paso has brought back a lot of memories.

I really didn’t want to go back to LA last time. I did it because I had to, not because I wanted to.

There were responsibilities that had to be taken care of and it didn’t come without a lot of turmoil and sacrifice.

But this time around the situation and circumstances are different and that is significant.


Go For It

When my children found out about the opportunity that led back here they told me they were excited for me but were somewhat ambivalent about having to make some big changes too.

That was a pleasant surprise because I had expected them to be adamantly against it.

I won’t lie and say they had no reservations or that they didn’t complain at all but after discussing it they told me they understood.

Part of me felt badly because understanding doesn’t always mean you like or want something but when a great opportunity appears you need to be ready to go for it.

You need to be prepared to take a chance or to accept that your choice not to go for it may serve as one of the great regrets of your life.

That wasn’t something I was willing to do this time around and I told them that.

It is the sort of honesty I wasn’t able to express when they were younger because I didn’t think they really got it, but they are old enough now.

And it is also why I said I was nervous too.

Emerson solitude

How We Roll

My surgeon thought I was kidding when I said we were in the middle of moving and that I needed to be able to drive to Texas for the new job.

“Doc, it is how I roll. I am not the most graceful guy but I am built to keep going.”

He laughed and told me if I followed his instructions there wasn’t any reason why I couldn’t do as I wanted.

“Just remember, two months nothing heavier than 10 pounds. If you have to lift, use your legs.”

I promised to do my best and overall I have been pretty good.

Won’t lie and say the stuff I have moved in and out of the car has only weighed less than 10 pounds because some weighs more, but I have been careful.

The good news is if my pupick/belly button was completely healed I might not remember I had anything done.

I don’t feel very sore at all and it is easy to forget that they jammed mesh inside of me.

It reminds me a bit of when I broke my ankle and how I destroyed a couple of casts.

However, I was only 20 then and I felt far more indestructible then than now so take that as my saying I am trying to be more aware.

DFW Or Bust

I am usually pretty good about sleeping in on the weekends but it is clear that excitement is preventing me from sleeping the way I normally would.

So instead of waking up after 8 I have been up for a couple of hours.

The GPS says I have 600 miles and change between El Paso and The Metroplex so now I get to decide how far I want to drive today.

Since I won’t get the keys to my place until tomorrow morning I don’t have to rush to leave or need to do the whole drive today.

The Hotwire app on my phone has made finding hotels on the road really simple so I might just take off and see how I feel.

You can only run so hard towards the future, tomorrow will come sooner or later.

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