The Rain Exploded With A Mighty Crash

The famous weatherman known as Siri made sure I was aware I was leaving the sunny skies of Los Angeles for Texas thunderstorms.

Awareness didn’t make me any more patient or tolerant of circling above DFW but since I had no ability to change things I just sucked it up and waited.

Eventually we landed, rented a car, checked into a hotel and set about finding a new place to live.

It was an easier trip this time around than the big move of 2013 because this time Texas wasn’t a foreign country, it was a place I had lived before.


I have seen heavy rain before so I wasn’t intimidated by the downpour that hit while driving through Flower Mound but there was a moment where I wondered what was up with a summer storm.

That is not something I have had much experience with, aside from one summer in Canada I can count on one hand the number of times it has rained on me in August.

Not sure any of that is truly significant, just part of changing times and changing experiences.


I wasn’t particularly bothered by getting wet especially having left 100 degree plus weather in LA but I was a little disappointed by not being able to do more than focus on the road ahead.

Since I was exploring new areas as potential places to live I had hoped to be able to see what sorts of businesses, parks and residences were around.

Fortunately there was only one real storm during my extended weekend so I didn’t have much difficulty in seeing what I needed to see.


The other benefit of the unexpected storm made what should have been a quick jaunt down the corner and around the bend into a much longer trip.

So I wasn’t able to see as many places that day as I hoped to which left me feeling a little frustrated and disappointed.

Those few of you who know me well probably would have said I looked a little frustrated and you would have been correct.

I was.

Even though I am well aware that life doesn’t always cooperate or take our plans into consideration I found that moment particularly irksome.

Granted I was also irritated by the tenderness around the spot I was operated on and the medical restriction placed upon how much I can lift.

It kind of sucks when the way you normally blow off steam and relieve stress is off limits.

The Rain Exploded With A Mighty Crash

Can’t tell you if I listened to Band on the Run because of the rain or if it just happened to show up on my playlist.

What I do know is Sir Paul’s music was on my mind for a good part of the weekend and that there was a moment where I wondered if a boat might be useful.


Because in my experience Texans tend to be awful drivers and I figured if someone cut me off when we were sailing I could make like the Dread Pirate Roberts and make them pay.

It could be fun barking out instructions to my pal Sailor Sam about what course to set so that we could avoid the jailer man.

I’d make a good pirate.

Ask my kids and they’ll tell you it is true, really they will.

A Few Goodbyes

Signed a new lease, flew back to LA to take care of a few loose ends and to say a few goodbyes.

Got a lot of things to do in way too little time so I’ll do my best to get done what I can and to accept the things I can’t.

It is hard to sit still when you hear the bells ringing and know the future is calling.

Hard to wait when there is so much that has to get done and you are supposed to cut back on all that you could be doing.

So I remind myself to patient because the time will fly and the medical restrictions will be lifted.

But it is not going to be easy because I am starting to feel like me again and I don’t picture the 47 year-old my birth certificate says I am.

I may not look 19, but dammit, I bet with some work and a little bit of effort I might be able to do what I used to do.

Can’t say no without trying now, can we.

See what happens when I start playing around with the idea of being a pirate?

Takes me right back to being a kid.

Got to run now, there are new seas to be sailed and adventures to be had.

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