Surgeon Says!

Winter isn’t coming any more because it has already come and gone and so have the days when I talked about when to schedule a “Wild Rumpus.”

Time and experience proved again that the best rumpi happen organically and are much tastier too.

Since the blog is designed to do more than serve as cyberspace practice area for my writing and storytelling skills I figured I ought take a moment to utilize a different function.

And that my friends is the the chronology function where we take a moment to write down a couple of thoughts so that we can come back in the future and laugh at how silly we once were.

Surgeon Says!

Spent a few minutes being poked and prodded by my primary care physician and was told he wants me to meet with a surgeon.


Because I have a minor hernia that might need to be fixed.

Funny thing is a different doc told me a while back I’ll have to deal with it eventually but that he figured I could do it around the end of the year or maybe even in 2017.

It is a minor procedure and I am not worried about it but I am jammed for time now and I do mean jammed.

If I didn’t have so many things going on now I probably wouldn’t even mention any of this but I figure this is precisely why the chronology function of the blog is so damn useful.

Because one day I am going to look back and wonder how I got it all done and this joint will show me exactly how.


I suppose I ought to mention that Surgeon Says is a reference to Family Feud but I haven’t decided if I ought to make a crack about Richard Dawson kissing all the women.

Dammit, I just did so if you happen to read this and wonder about good old Richard you can find his obituary online because the dude is gone.

But the videos of the 10,093,933 women he used to kiss must live on somewhere.

Why do I mention this?

It is because I went to school with a guy who told us he had never kissed a girl and he figured that if he could get Richard Dawson’s job he would become an expert.

Sad thing is I can’t remember his name but I can see his face.

There are worst things to be remembered for but I still am happy not to be known for that particular one.


My kids don’t relate as well to the photo above as some of us wiser folks do because they are growing up in a different world.

Heck, they don’t think of digital graveyards the way some of us do, especially not in the age of Snapchat.

But that is ok they don’t have to be exactly like me and I don’t have to be exactly like them, it is a big world out there.

For now I just have to figure out how to fit in the consultation and all that might come with it alongside the 29 million other things that have to get done in the next week and weeks.

Got to run, it is time for dad to play superhero again.

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