Would $37,983 Solve All Of Your Problems?

Won’t be long until I hit the five year anniversary of selling my house or in more complex terms it will be 43,829.064 hours since I was a homeowner in California.

It is kind of ridiculous to convert five years into hours or to say 2,629,743.83 minutes have passed since then because the numbers quickly move beyond the place where they are easily digested and understood.

But life is an absurd adventure that is filled with a series of twists and turns that prove truth is stranger than fiction.

And we humans are masters at turning the simple into the complex.

The Games We Play

Sunday afternoon I wandered the aisles at Home Depot and looked at tools I don’t absolutely need but want and was reminded again how sometimes it feels like the craziness of junior high and high school relationships never ended.

While waiting to pay I listened to the two men in front of me talk about dating after divorce and thought about some of the stories divorced friends have shared with me.

Something one of them said reminded me of a Pablo Neruda poem called If You Forget Me and two excerpts I have shared below.

Forgetme Neruda1


Forgetme Neruda2

People are funny huh.

“If you don’t love me any more, well I am going to stop loving you. But if you still love me, well know that I never gave up.”

Kind of silly and immature, but love can do that to people. Love can make you say and do all kinds of things.

If you don’t believe me ask my daughter to tell you about it because girls who are going into 7th grade know more than their fathers about almost everything. 🙂

Would $37,983 Solve All Of Your Problems?

Sometimes girls who are going into 7th grade ask their fathers for advice or help because they recognize that even though dear old dad isn’t a girl he has been through a few things.

And sometimes they throw out random numbers and ask if said amount would solve a problem or problems.


Because sometimes you can use money to put things in perspective.

Sometimes you can say that if you had X amount of dollars you would solve the dilemma of how to pay for certain things and some problems would go away.

Because it is easier to understand $37,933 dollars than 2,629,743.83 minutes, unless your a polar bear like the one in the picture at the top of the page.

Polar bears don’t waste time trying to figure out budgets or wondering if someone loves, likes or hates them based upon the things they did or did not do.

They don’t look at your face and wonder if you are grimacing because you have gas or are pissed off at you.

Polar bears just live and drink Diet Coke or Coca Cola would like us to believe. 😉

Maybe it is time for us to try to be more like polar bears.

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