An Accidental Unfriending

Midnight approaches and if you must know I just finished a Cinnabon, you know their classic version.

I am fairly certain it is described that way because if people knew it was like injecting fat straight into their bellies and asses they’d probably stay away from it.

Not me, if I buy the damn thing I am going to eat it and afterwards I’ll do grab my weights and bang out another three to five sets of something.

Twenty-five year ago that was enough exercise to fire up the calorie burners but these days, well I am not really sure but I don’t spend much time thinking about it because a man has to live.

Besides you’ll love me as I am or make up some silly excuse that you don’t and I’ll ignore what you say anyway because men are good at ignoring stuff.

And ignoring stuff is probably what led to an accidental unfriending or two which we all know is far different from accidentally falling in love.


Things To Pay Attention To

Someone made a crack earlier today that caught my attention because they said something I thought was a combination of WTF, unreasonable, illogical and freaking dumb which is to say I disagreed with it.

For a moment I wondered if they were trying to manipulate me because if you say I can’t do something I am inclined to prove you wrong and they know that.

But I’d hate to think it was such a clumsy approach to trying to inspire me to do something which leads me to believe it wasn’t that at all and that is worse.


Because it demonstrates a general lack of faith in some of my abilities and is disappointing because they should know better.

Funny thing is that it happened the day after the tenth anniversary of my paternal grandfather’s death and he was among my biggest cheerleaders.

So you might ask if that played into my response to what was said and I’ll tell you I didn’t acknowledge what was said.

Didn’t respond or reply because my Go-to move isn’t to debate or discuss but to show I can get it done.

I tell the kids that actions speak louder than words and that sometimes it is not worth engaging in some discussions.

If you really need to prove something go do what needs to be done and people will see that you are capable.

But unless you are talking about a boss or school teacher the most important person to prove things to is always yourself so keep that in mind.


Got Gordon Lightfoot singing Carefree Highway in my ears and that sounds strangely appropriate for my mood and this post.

Mostly it is a feeling that it is time to take a vacation and get away from the daily grind.

Upon careful reflection known as the half second it took to write this sentence I realize I haven’t had a real vacation in far too long.

I am talking about the kind where you disconnect from the world and take time to read books, catch your breath, eat fine meals and spend time with people you want to spend time with.

A vacation that doesn’t require a vacation to catch up on the rest you didn’t get during the first vacation.

I had a plan for one, a rough draft that I actively worked upon because I know how to make things happen.

Except the universe had other plans for me so I had to adjust my focus.

Mind you I didn’t just go along with it, I ducked, dodged, weaved and pivoted but there was no avoiding the giant meteor hurtling at my earth.

So I called the proverbial family meeting and told the kiddies what I needed them to do so that I could focus on dealing with the meteor.

And then I set about working on the kind of plan movie dialogue refers to as being so crazy it just might work.

An Accidental Unfriending

In between the 983 posts about the US election, the EU referendum and cat pictures Facebook pings me with suggestions for people I might know.

Some of them are people I know I used to be Facebook friends with but no longer are.

I can tell you that I unfriended some of those people and why but there are others where I am not certain what happened.

Can’t say if they got caught in one of the purges I conduct every so often or if they unfriended me.

For a moment I wonder if I should reach out and ask them what happened. If they tell me that I unfriended them I can say I don’t know what happened and send a friend request over.

If they tell me they unfriended me I can send them an 8×10 glossy of me mooning them and feel like I am not only better but funnier.

Except the thing is every time I think about these things I ask myself what sort of friendship exists between them and I.

If we are good friends both of us ought to be conscious of whether we are connected on Facebook.

And if we aren’t connected, well we are good friends and we’re comfortable asking about it.

So it seems to me that in most cases if I have to ask or think about it we really aren’t that close so it doesn’t matter if we are friends on Facebook or not.

There is only so much time during the day and the list of important things is limited to important stuff, so says Josh the father and the man.

Put that on a t-shirt and sell it if you like, just remember I want a piece of the action.

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