Can A Root Canal Make You Cry?

That headline should read Can DOUBLE Root Canal Make You Cry but due to space issues I left out the DOUBLE part.

Go ahead and ask me if my DOUBLE root canal made me cry and I’ll tell you to read Secret Worlds & The Things We See In Them.

If you come back and ask me for more details about my tears I’ll tell you to look at the feature photo above and tell me what you see.

And should we discuss it further because you read things twice and want more details I’ll tell you I am a 70’s child, Generation X.

When we got hurt we didn’t cry, we brushed ourselves off and got back up. Remember we were the generation that went down metal slides during summer.

It didn’t matter if that slide was 982 degrees you went down it wearing shorts and smiled when you got up ‘cuz we didn’t worry about being branded.

We didn’t get trophies for showing up or ask for safe spaces to speak in. Nor did we worry about whether we played with pink or blue toys. We just played.

We just lived and we did it well.

Can A Root Canal Make You Cry?

Didn’t we just deal with this?

Didn’t I give you an answer or two to mull over and think about.

Moving 17 times in five years is more irritating than a double root canal, but it doesn’t wake you up because you are jaw is throbbing and the 800 Mg of Ibuprophen has gone on strike.

My doc did a good working on my mouth, it was relatively easy but there were some rough spots.

I hate the sound a vacuum cleaner makes. I hate the sounds a leaf blower makes and I hate the sound of the drill.

Can’t really escape the sound from the drill because it is in your mouth nor can you escape the smoke coming out from between your lips.

I am not a regular smoker of anything, although I will smoke the occasional cigar. I know, some of you hate the smell but I love it.

Reminds me of my grandfathers and every now and then it hits the spot, but if you must know that spot usually runs several years apart.


There are few times I take issue with the good doctor and this is one of those cases. I cannot smile because it happened, but the moment the dentist said you’re done I sat up and did a little jig.

Speaking of jigs and spontaneous dancing my daughter has asked me to refrain to dancing in public because my lack of rhythm and moves are embarrassing.

My favorite recent line from her was, “I don’t know how you ever convinced mom to marry you and I am not sure I believe any other woman would have you.”

“Dear daughter, I won’t traumatize you by saying more than a few girls have said I was hot.”

I am damn near giggled my ass off watching her reaction. She is at that sensitive age where you can’t figure out what the hell do with yourself.

It is the in between stage, which almost feels like it should mean in between eye rolling, sighs and head shakes.

The most frightening part is how many little things she does that remind me of my middle sister and everyone knows middle sisters are the biggest troublemakers in the world.

Three Movies

While looking for quotes for this post I stumbled across material from Walk The Line, The Notebook and Casablanca.

Thought about including bits and pieces from all of them and wondered if people would deem it incongruent with a post about root canals and laughed.

Hell I talked about Generation X, politics, children and life so why it would it matter if I threw in something about Johnny and June, Rick Blaine or the fine characters in The Notebook.

The point and purpose isn’t to provide you with a vanilla ice cone and sprinkles, no this place is about a hearty stew with meat and spices.

It is a backyard barbecue with lots of characters and people you can hang out and just talk with.

The kind of people and conversations that make you want to turn off your phone and leave it in your pocket because you want to see and hear.

Changes Are Coming

Man oh man, the changes are coming and there is nothing to slow down the tide or hold any of it back.

When I was younger I used to hate all that crap but experience taught me to go about it all a different way.


Got The Beach Boys singing God Only Knows in my ear and flashes of memory from my summer at a camp outside of Toronto.

Everyone wanted to know if I knew how to surf, carried a gun in my car and whether I had ever seen any celebrities.


A couple years later the LA Riots broke out and life really seemed crazy. Wasn’t but two more years after that when the Northridge earthquake came and I got to witness what happens when the earth tries to pull buildings down upon your heads.

Decades after both and a ridiculous amount of life experience I look off into the distance and get ready wander into a cornfield knowing I won’t be able to figure out what is good or bad until I start walking.

So I tell the kids to get ready to jump off of a cliff and to build their wings as they go over. It is not necessarily the most comforting advice but it is accurate.

More importantly once you have done it a few times you realize you can do it again and again, if needed.

So why would I care about a double root canal anyway.



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  1. Lewis LaLanne May 28, 2016 at 10:29 am

    I’m an 80’s baby.

    All of what applied to your childhood applied for us. There were no plastic slides to be found anywhere. And yeah, I think ToughSkins were created for this very reason.

    I had a chocolate brown pair and I hated them as a kid. As a adult looking back, I wonder how Tough they made me seem because 962 degree heat or frigid cold could not penetrate them.

    Hell, thinking back on it, my brother had to have been wearing his powder blue ToughSkins when he fell out of the front seat of my mom’s POS 78 Chrysler Cordoba when she took a hard turn while she was hauling ass in the back end empty part of the grocery store parking lot because she was late getting somewhere.

    Of course we didn’t wear seat belts and his 7 year old self didn’t put all 42 pounds of himself into closing the 42 pound door so it was just sitting there pretending to be closed. One sharp turn told everyone in the car that it wasn’t.

    He got lucky and didn’t suffer anything more than some pretty heavy duty scrapes on his arms, but if I remember right, his legs were unscathed. ToughSkins to the rescue.

    Thank you for bringing about this memory Josh, I hadn’t laughed at it for awhile.

    • Joshua Wilner May 31, 2016 at 12:21 am

      Hi Lewis,

      Glad to hear that my post stirred some memories and made you smile a bit.
      That is the goal of every post, or more accurately the goal is to make my readers feel something, doesn’t always need to be happiness. Granted happy is probably a better way to pull people in and keep them coming back, but I’ll take what I can get. 😉

      The 70s and 80s were great times to be children and I pray that my kids get as much joy and fun out of life now as I did then. Sometimes it is hard to figure out, but that’s the ‘trouble’ with parenting, you sometimes lack perspective.

  2. Kaarina May 28, 2016 at 6:23 am

    A camp outside of Toronto? Interesting 🙂 And the Beach Boys? Yes!

    • Joshua Wilner May 29, 2016 at 3:19 pm

      Yeah, I worked at a place near Bent River, Bracebridge and Gravenhurst, don’t know if any of those mean anything to you.

      Pretty sure we took 400 up to camp, at least part of the way.

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