The Secret Worlds We Live In

I tried to set up Facebook Instant Articles here but I ran into some technical difficulties and after I failed to get it working three times I set it aside.

Doesn’t mean I won’t go back and try again or that I have given up because I will and I haven’t.

But there is a time and place for everything and Facebook Instant Articles hasn’t been the priority I need to focus upon.

Got way too much happening that needs my attention first and since my day is long and sleep is short I make my choices.

At the moment it works well for me but when it doesn’t I’ll choose to make changes again. That is the way of things and those who know me well understand once I make the choice it is made.

The Secret Worlds We Live In

Been thinking about the choices we make and the ways we justify those decisions. Some are based upon logic and some aren’t.

Some of forget that we aren’t trees and mistake our feet for roots never bothering to look down and see they aren’t really buried in the ground.

Lost in thought about what we think we can do and who we think we are we place false limits upon ourselves and live in our own secret worlds.


Sometimes people ask for explanations about what some things mean and why they are done but I ignore most of those questions.

When they are posed by people who ask questions they don’t really want answers to there is no point in responding.

They forget you shouldn’t ask someone “what is new” or “how are you” unless you really want to know the answer.

That is not meant to be sarcastic, snarky or mean.

It is not whining or crying either, it is just a suggestion that it is ok not to engage with people you don’t really want to engage with.

A smile and a warm “hello” work quite well too and help to promote a friendly and congenial atmosphere.

About Writing

Not every post is designed to tell a story in a chronological order that contains a beginning, middle and an ending.

Some function as exercise, no different from running or lifting weights but the muscle you focus on is not your bicep,

So you write to clear your head and keep your pencil sharp.


I love that quote by Frost.

It has meaning for me and it makes me think and remember.

Today it made me think about For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her.

It made me wonder about the background behind the song and what Simon & Garfunkel were thinking.

In the digital age it would be easy for me to look it up and find out more but sometimes I prefer to let those things be because it is more fun for me to imagine what the story is.

I like thinking and using my imagination.

Sometimes I worry about whether we ask our children to do enough of that.

Digital Dilemmas

I am not old, but I am old enough to remember when Dick Tracy had an amazing watch and we didn’t have a million superhero movies because technology wasn’t good enough to make us believe they could do all we see them do on the screen.

So I look at what we have access to today and ask if that inspires more thought, more dreaming and more creativity or less.

Do we push our kids to think hard about the challenges of our times or do we tell them to just Google the answer.

Maybe it is a little bit of column A and B.

But if I had my druthers there would be more emphasis on teaching them critical reasoning and logical thought.

Give them a foundation to work with, teach them how to approach and handle challenges without the assistance of technology and with it.

Sometimes the GPS on the phone won’t work or the battery will die so they need to know how to read a standard map.

Tools and resources are great, but their utility is always contingent upon the skill of the user, but that is a probably fodder for a different post than this one.

Got to run now, there is magic all around and I don’t want to miss it.

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