The Promises We Make

People are endlessly entertaining to me which is probably a big part of why it is not unusual to find me listening to the conversations that take place around me.

Monday night I listened to a group of teenage girls pick apart a scene from the most recent episode of The Good Wife.

They got caught up in a debate about whether you could pick the perfect spouse or if you needed to be married two or three times to figure that out.

The line below this ‘graph became their focal point.

Stop playing it cool. You want her, go to her and say I want you. I’ll protect you. You don’t owe your husband anything. Be happy. Come to me. Make me happy.” Lucca

Their conversation made me smile and reminded me about how much I thought I knew about life when I was 17 and how much I have learned since then.

Because if you could go back 30 years you’d find a Josh who never would have imagined that his life would go as it has.

If you showed him film of the really hard times that would come he wouldn’t have grasped just how brutal and how challenging they would be.

He would have told you that he would just handle it and laughed.

But he would have been clueless.

He wouldn’t have been able to appreciate how amazing some things would be or how those would give him the strength and ability to make it through the hard times.

That insufferable teen would have pointed to the moments that came after the hard times as proof that he followed through on his promise to handle the hard stuff, but he wouldn’t have been able to explain how he did what he did.

Sometimes the promises we make come from knowledge and sometimes they come from…somewhere else.


That is one of my favorite quotes and had those teenage girls asked for my advice or contribution I might have shared it with them.

I don’t expect they would appreciate it any more than my own teenager has or does.

He says he gets it, but I don’t think he really does yet and that is ok. You have to live a little to begin to appreciate what it means.

And if you have lived a little you start to see it doesn’t have to be a quote that describes the end of your life but one that you can use to reflect upon points of it.

If we were to keep digging into quotes and comments I’d add the one from Rumi too, but again I don’t think people really appreciate the depth of it until they had added a little gray to their beard/hair.


Eleven Posts

A few new readers have asked if I would share my best posts with them.

I haven’t decided which posts to point them to yet so I figured I’d grab the last 11 and suggest they try reading those.

Who knows they might decide they are the best I have ever written or maybe they’ll be the worst.

Chances are they fall somewhere in between, but you never know. Blogging is a strange world and you never know what is going to be a hit or a flop.


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  11. The War On Experience


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