If Forrest Gump Was A Blogger

If Forrest Gump was a blogger and life followed the movie dumb luck would make him the most successful blogger ever.

People would just end up on his homepage and be amazed by what they read. It wouldn’t be the most profound or deepest insights either.

They would be simple and easily digested nuggets resonated with people and it would all happen because he wasn’t afraid to press publish.

He wouldn’t suffer from paralysis of analysis or worry about whether his words were perfect, he would just write.

I suspect Mark Twain would approve.


Is Mediocrity A Bad Thing?

When my oldest was in second grade and we were still on the birthday party circuit I would hang out with the other parents in the back of the room and engage in the usual discussions one has at these things.

I remember being at one party listening to one of the fathers go on about how important it was that his son always be in the top group in everything.

He railed on and on about how smart and driven they all were and I tried not to yawn or point out that his son was crying because the balloon man didn’t make the right balloon animal.

I must not have hid my feelings very well because his eyes were blazing when he turned to look at me.”

“I don’t know why you are rolling your eyes. This is important. I won’t accept mediocrity.”

“I don’t worry about mediocrity. Half of life is luck. Half is getting along with people. Half is showing up to work and keeping your job. Maybe half a percent is tied into whether you could read at a fourth grade level when you were eight.”

He shook his head, told me my math sucked and suggested that my income was tied into my attitude.

I smiled and asked him if he would take credit for walking into a law practice his grandfather had started and walked away.

Later on I think I asked him how he felt about mediocre millionaires or something like that, but so much time has passed I just can’t remember.

Doesn’t really matter anymore than being called mediocre does, because sometimes mediocrity is underrated, especially in blogging.

My friend Danny Brown has a nice discussion going on at his blog about it. It is called Why Mediocre Blogging Can Still Be Great.

If you are a blogger I heartily encourage you to read and comment.

Who Are You Today?

The beauty of having teenagers and middle schoolers in your home is you receive a regular reminder about how unfashionable and uncool you are.

Well, at least that is how it goes some days, because there are others where you are the coolest.

Those days are good, always nice to be told you are at the top of your game and you haven’t lost a step.

Sometimes the kids ask me to tell them about what I wanted to be when I grew up and I say I am still working on it.

They’ll usually tell me that it is too late to play for The Lakers or The Dodgers and I shake my head and tell them never to believe that lie.

Dear old dad has a plan and is among the most determined and tenacious people they ever met.

Sometimes they’ll press me on this and I’ll ask them if they think it is better to be the best professional baseball or basketball player ever or just a mediocre one.

Most of the time they agree that it would be cool to say you played in the NBA/NFL/NHL/MLB regardless of how good you were.

Most of the time they agree, that is the kind of mediocrity that is still pretty damn cool.

Mediocrity isn’t always bad and who we are today isn’t the sole indicator of who we will always be either.

What do you think?

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