Is Medium A Good Tool?

I wrestle with the best way to use Medium.

Every day I mull over whether I should take old content from JoshuaWilner and insert it there or if it should be a place for new content.

What I haven’t figured out yet is which method is going to lead to fame and fortune, ya know massive book and movie deals that allow me to retire now and not when I turn 109.

The idea is for JoshuaWilner to be my hub and for me to use places like Medium as spokes of that hub.

In concept this joint here will provide more exposure to people who have never seen/read my work and that is why I want to populate it with my content.

But the question isn’t so much about whether it makes sense to put old or new and a combination of those items here as much as it is to ask what is the best use of my time.

Our Most Precious Resource

Cliche or not, time really is our most precious resource and since mine is limited I need to be smart about how I use it.

Don’t misunderstand that to mean that I think everyone else has oodles of time and that I am busier than you, because I am not that guy.

Hell, I have no patience for people who tell you about how busy they are while suggesting that you couldn’t possibly be as busy.

It is dumb and it is bad business, but we won’t have that discussion today.

Instead we’ll focus again on the question in a slightly different way, “what is the best use of our time?”

It is not really something I can answer for you.

I can focus on trying to provide content that is entertaining and educational knowing that is more likely to help build and retain a readership.

But it doesn’t answer the question I need to focus upon, what is the best use of my time.

Is Medium a smart use of my time, or a time suck?


I added the Einstein quote because the general question here reminds me of something a guy I used to work with would do.

He would throw out stats, buckets and boatloads of stats about all sorts of things.

And when I would ask him what they meant or why they were important he would grumble about me being difficult.

The point of asking why wasn’t to be difficult, it was to understand what we were supposed to do with these numbers.

What significance did they hold?

A Man Of Action

I like activity.

Ask me and I’ll tell you I am a man of action and that I am the guy who will take action and then ask for forgiveness.

Better to try and fail than to fail to try, right.

That is not to say that I was reckless when I was younger and that I never looked before I took the proverbial leap, because I did.

What it means is I recognize now that I can be as effective or even more so by picking my head up to take a look at what is happening around me.

It means I don’t have to go 150 MPH the whole time to get things done because I can work in bursts of energy.

And it means I have learned that sometimes you have to watch, wait and see to figure out whether something works or not.

It is too soon to say whether Medium is going to provide the sort of benefits I want. Too soon to say whether it is just a time suck too.

But it is not too soon to take a hard look at how and where I use my time and to see if it is helping or hurting me.

Now if I can only get my kids to see the value in that line of thinking for their own lives…

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