To Create A Better Reading Experience

Confession: I hate seeing people write TLDR (“Too long; didn’t read“) about content they have come across online.

Maybe it is because I am wary of the societal changes that have been coming down the pike, the age of instant gratification where we don’t want to waste time reading anything that requires more than a moment because it is too long.

Ask my kids what dear old dad says about work and they’ll probably tell you they hate hearing me say you get to stop working when the job is done.

They have heard it more than once and been told we can’t point-and-click our way through life. Sometimes you have to pick up your head and look around to see the world around you.

Sometimes the only way you can learn is by doing and sometimes that means reading the whole &^&R%*&^* article/essay.

To Create A Better Reading Experience

That whole TLDR thing is part and parcel of why I am probably going to change the theme here.

Since I haven’t become king of the world and haven’t figured out a way to force people to live and do as I want I might as well find ways to work with them and that means it is probably time to mix things up here.

Time to change themes so that it creates a better reading experience.

You can blame some of this on Tim and Danny.


Because I like the themes they have chosen and think they would be useful here.

They look like they provide a better reading experience and a better reading experience is going to make it easier to keep readers engaged and more interested or at least that is the theory.

Still have to provide good content, but that is to be expected.

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I am playing around with adding the Aesop Story Engine plugin too. I have never used it and haven’t had any discussions with anyone who has but what I see intrigues me.

If it works half as well as I think it might I’ll be very pleased because it looks to me like the kind of tool that will make it easy to add layers to my work.

There is a time and place for a simple tale that has a beginning, middle and end and a time to stretch yourself and use words, pictures and music to create a tapestry and of sight and sound that will echo inside the readers head.

Now I just have to figure out which theme and do my best not to break things too badly while I set it up.

See you on the flip side.

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