Maybe You Ought To Look Before You Leap

The Beach Boys are singing God Only Knows and I am engaged in some minor self flagellation because I broke my blog doing the very thing I caution my kids against doing.

I let impulse and fatigue push me into looking before I leap and things went to HELL.

Ok they really didn’t go to HELL, they just got messy because in the midst of trying to fix what a minor issue I turned it into something a bit larger.

Part of me is smiling because I am talking about First World problems. The initial issue arose when I realized the blog wasn’t showing anything published in October 2015 on the home page or within the archives.

Think About What You Are Doing

If the kids had asked me to help them fix their blogs (they don’t have one) I would have told them to think about what they were doing and to use a notepad to help them remember settings so that if it took longer than expected to fix they wouldn’t have any issues restoring the blog to how it has been configured.

Chalk this up as do as dad says and not as dad does because I screwed the pooch and broke something and spent the past three hours trying to figure out how to fix it.

Did I mention the archive issue still seems to be a problem?

I should have left it for the morning when I wasn’t tired but I just knew that it would be an easy fix and managed to turn easy into something different.

So this is post commemorates my mistake and is part of a concerted effort on my part to see if I can fix it by making a few tweaks and posting a new post (this one).

Going to hit publish in a moment, keep your fingers crossed.

And to think it all started because of a post called Blogging About The Stories We Don’t Tell.

Like what you have seen?

May I offer you some more content to chew upon. The stats say the posts below have been among the most successful here.

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