Life Is Rarely The Way You Think It Should Be

Carole King just finished singing So Far Away and now Joni Mitchell is singing California so I suppose that means the next song will probably be Dylan singing Tangled Up In Blue.

At least I think it will be, if I have learned anything it is in life it is not to rely solely upon expectations or to allow anticipation to prevent me from rolling with something other than what is supposed to come down the pike.

Hell, this post has already taken a turn from what I expected it would be. That is because seven minutes into I tried to add the photo above and my trusty PC declared an all out mutiny causing me to waste 67 minutes trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it myself.

Someone forgot to tell it I am not someone who gives up easily.

Truth is if I had a couple of spare bucks I’d probably give in and buy something like a Macbook Air, if memory serves it is the Gold one I am looking at.

Been a few months since I looked at it, but I liked what I saw and figured it was worth waiting until Apple unveiled their latest updates and since that has already happened I might go take a gander again.

I have avoided giving into the cult of Apple for a while now but I concede that enough of my friends have had good success/luck with them for me to start thinking more seriously about them.

And since I use an iPhone for work and an Android for personal use I have a very good understanding of what the differences are between the phones.

My iPhone has been surprisingly easy and more reliable than my Droid which has me thinking about making a big switch, but then I look at the pricing for Apple products and I get irritated.

That is because I feel like they get away with murder because far too many people just pay whatever it costs to get their Apple products and that allows Apple to charge more than I’d like to pay.

But then again, there is that whole “you can charge what the market will bear” at least until we enter the world of price gouging, but no one really knows where that line is or should be.

Life Is Rarely The Way You Think It Should Be

If you judge the world based upon my Facebook feed you’ll walk around feeling pissed off and angry because the world is clearly unfair, unreasonable and constructed to be keep the poor impoverished and the rich wealthy.

Ask me if there is snark and or sarcasm in the ‘graph above and I’ll nod my head and smile because there is.

So much of what I see in that aforementioned Facebook feed is based upon opinion and not upon fact, reality or law.

It makes me a little crazy to hear/read some of the crap my friends and family put out there because it is based upon the way they wish things were and not how they are.

I wish that my computer and all of the other tech I use was free and worked perfectly all day, every day…but it doesn’t.

That Jim Morrison quote above makes me realize I am not as idealistic as I used to be because while I agree with everything he says I also know that sometimes you have to work at jobs you don’t want and or do things that you don’t want to do so that you can get to be in that place where you do what you want/meant to do.

That ties into my frustration with the Facebook feed. Ignore the bit where I ask family and friends to vet what they post and confirm whether it is fact or opinion and focus on whether they are doing anything about the problems they see.

Ask if they vote in local elections or volunteer around their neighborhoods and then watch as you hear that some of them do and others readily admit they don’t.

If you are aren’t voting and you aren’t active in giving back in some way you shouldn’t expect people to listen or take you as seriously as they might if you participated.

you shouldn't expect people to listen or take you as seriously as they might if you participated.Click To Tweet

Everything I Own by Bread is playing now and I have these flashbacks from my early childhood. I see clips of family trips, watch us walking through the Redwoods, wander through Yosemite and my uncle’s apartment in San Francisco.

Bread moves on to The Who and I can see the streets of Jerusalem. I am 16 and walking through the Old City with friends, talking about what we’ll do in a few years when we go to college.

Some of the people I see are just memories now because we lost touch and some are memories because they have died but the things we said we’d do, well I don’t know how to classify them.

Can’t say if they were done or still slated to be done, I just know that life is often different from what we expect it to be.

Makes me look at my children and wonder who they will become and if it will be close to whom they thought they would be.

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  1. Kaarina September 19, 2015 at 3:56 pm

    apple all the way baby 🙂 And thanks for the great dance clip on fb today. You made my day!

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