Do You Read Newspapers?

Until quite recently I received a hard copy of my local newspaper on a daily basis.

I did it because I really enjoy reading the paper and because it was important to me for my children to see that we are active readers of both news and fiction.

They need to be active participants in life and society and part of doing that involves making sure you are informed.

However we reached a time where I realized that I consuming the majority of news online and just a portion of it via that hard copy of the paper so I had adjust my subscription.

Actually I had to do it twice, the first was from daily to Thursday-Sun and then just to Sunday.

I did it because I wasn’t reading the hard copy every day and it seemed like a terrible waste of paper so I reluctantly adjusted to the current schedule.

My news reading is still daily, but the primary source is electronic.

It Changed Long Ago

Truth is that change took place long ago because for years the hard copy of the paper has been a supplement. That is what happens when you can’t update at mouse speed.

But I felt guilty about it for a while and guilty again when I cut down to just one day a week.

So I am curious dear reader about your reading habits, do you still receive a hard copy of a newspaper and if so, how often do you get/read it?

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