Who Is Your Blog For?

One of the challenges that comes with trying to write a post in 5 minutes or less is trying to come up with a suitable headline.

You might ask yourself if I am serious about only having five minutes to write this post and I’ll see there is some flexibility there but not enough to double the time allocated for writing.

Others might present an argument for automation and apps and suggest we have so many resources available it is not as difficult as it sounds to write a five minute post.

I would nod my head and say yes, but have you ever considered who you are writing your blog for?

It is a question we often bat around but I sometimes wonder how much time we really spend thinking about it.

Who are our readers and are we focused on writing content that will be of interest to them?

Apps and Automation Become Useless

The skill of the user always impacts the usefulness of a tool but if you don’t figure out who your readers are and whether your content is useful to them you might find that apps and automation become useless.

I try to balance that against my effort to make sure I am interested in the content I am producing. It is a two way street.

It reminds me of the conversations I sometimes have with my children about the school projects they work on and the times they tell me it is boring.

Sometimes I nod my head and agree that it is a boring topic and then remind them it is their job to make it interesting.

That is how you get a better grade and how you keep your readers coming back.

What do you think?

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  1. jens June 15, 2015 at 6:36 am

    I focus on the people who are interested, instead of doing my best to make people who are uninterested to become interested.

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