How Dad Increased His Productivity For Less Than $10

Sunday night I sat down with my son and listened to him share some of his thoughts and concerns about what high school might be like.

I told him I could relate to many of his concerns because they weren’t any different from those I had when I was a student.


Four Eyes are better than two.

His little sister overheard part of the conversation and shouted something about how life was very different in the “olden days.”

I laughed and asked her when that was and she said, “when you graduated in the ’80s.”

Her brother didn’t appreciate the interruption and I reminded him that his life is easy because the old man who graduated in the 80s had three little sisters and he only has one.

I tried to convince him I had to carry all three of them to school uphill through the snow and was told he knew better.

I Know Better Too

I told him knowing better is a time honored trait of Wilner men and said he hadn’t been around long enough to wear the crown yet and he made the same face I used to make at my own father.

He needs to practice that too.

“High school feels a lot more difficult now because you haven’t had the chance to experience it. Once you have had a few days to experience it you’ll see it is just school and it will be easier to relax.”

I don’t know if he bought into what I was selling there so I gave him a minute to absorb it and said that part of the trick was breaking things into pieces and figuring out if there were simple tricks he could use to make life easier.

When he asked what that meant I told him I wasn’t talking about finding ways to work smarter and not harder.

“Short cuts are only good if they don’t create more work for you later. What I am talking about are simple tricks you can use to make life easier.

How Dad Increased His Productivity For Less Than $10

That was when I pulled out the glasses in the picture above and put them on my face.

“I am not used to seeing you in glasses.”

“I know, you were three months old when I had LASIK done. But I wore glasses or contacts for twenty years so wearing them again isn’t a big deal to me. More importantly these have already helped me increase my productivity.”

“Dad, you hardly wear them. How are they helping you?”

He is right about that, I don’t always wear them. I can still read without them but I have noticed that when I am tired they help and that reduces the amount of eye strain.

I spend a huge chunk of time at the computer and anything I can do to reduce the wear and tear upon my eyes is useful.

They have already provided benefits so it is not an exaggeration for me to say they have increased my productivity. Life would be great if I could guarantee I never have to spend more than $10 to be more productive.

Sometimes Little Things Make A Big Difference

Later that night when I lay in bed staring at the ceiling I spent a few minutes trying to figure out where the time has gone.

I know it is a cliche and that every parent does it, but it amazes me how big the kids are relative to how young I feel.

Still the glasses I am wearing now and the jeans hanging in the closet prove that high school isn’t quite as recent as it may feel.

Not to mention some of my thoughts and ideas about life. Back then I paid very little attention to the little things because I didn’t want to be slowed down by details.

While I still have moments where I don’t want to be bothered by details I have learned that sometimes those little little things make a big difference.

The small difference these reading glasses make will be huge.

It won’t mean that I never make another mistake or run into challenges but it will help me work for longer at a higher rate of accuracy and that will increase efficiency.

In simple terms I’ll work smarter, not harder and everyone will benefit.

Sadly these damn things won’t help me roll back the clock and bring back my 19 year-old metabolism. Someone tell that guy that all is forgiven and he can come back home.

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