What Would Happen If Your House Was On Fire?

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your house was on fire and you had moments to get out the door?

It is not something I wish to experience first hand but it is worth thinking about because if you take it seriously it will help you identify what is important to you what is…less important.


I have been evacuated from a forest fire and been through several large earthquakes so I have had experiences that I can fall back upon to help motivate me to consider what it is I would take.

Concept Versus Reality

I didn’t lose my home in any of the experiences I mentioned above so we are still dealing with concept versus reality but if you pushed me too list things today I could do so.

What you would find is a short list of items that have sentimental value whose loss would pain me.

Other than those things there is little that is irreplaceable.

This revelation begs the question of whether I need as much stuff as I own. The answer is no, I don’t need as much as I have so I have been trying to reduce my footprint.

Somewhere in the mist lies that mythical creature we call balance. While there is reason and purpose in shrinking the number of possessions owned some things deserve a place even though they are not used daily or of sentimental value.

Business and Parenting

Ask me how all this applies to business and parenting and I’ll be happy to explain how I want my children to learn to value their education over possessions.

You can lose your possessions but you can’t lose your education.

As for business, well I’d tell you it ties into determining what metrics are most important to track and what aren’t.

Sometimes I think we lose focus and spend so much time trying to track every odd and end we forget that not all of them are significant or worth paying attention to.

What do you think? If you had to flee from your home do you know what you would want to take with you?

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