The Power Of Pictures & Video

Shot by  CheWei Chang Tunnel View

Shot by CheWei Chang Tunnel View

If you have never seen something so breathtakingly beautiful it rendered you speechless you need to put down your phone and or push yourself away from the computer and go outside.

That is not hyperbole because I know not just from personal experience but from the tales and stories other people tell there are places worldwide that epitomize magnificent and or majestic.

Some of them are natural creations and some are man made but I am not here to serve as an advocate of either. I am just a man who loves a good story and believes some of the best come from the experiences we have during our days and those created during vacations.

I am most adept at sharing those moments via posts and stories using the written word or tales we share over a meal but I know some of them are diminished by not having pictures or videos to share.

A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words

My children have heard me speak about Yosemite and the view of the valley and other places within the park. One day soon I’ll take them to see it first hand and try to help them understand why their dad loves it.

There is a long list of other places I want to take them to but not all are places I have had a chance to see yet.

Africa has long been on that list.

Yesterday we watched Virunga and I haven’t stopped thinking about what I saw and how many teaching moments I found within the movie but most of it was centered upon the beauty of the land, people and animals.

Gorillas fascinate me. Look in their eyes and it is hard not to wonder just how intelligent the creature looking back at you is.

The way they play and interact isn’t all that different from us.


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