Do You Still Handwrite Letters?

Sometimes 'ancient technology' is more effective than new.

Sometimes ‘ancient technology’ is more effective than new.

My 10.5 going on 30-year-old daughter says I won’t be really old until I turn 50.

It is hard not to laugh when she says it mainly because I remember the days when 50 sounded really, really old and I am not that.

It is still hard for me to reconcile the face in the mirror with the guy I see in my head because they don’t look alike.  The only time I feel old is when we talk about school and I mention how many times my teachers criticized my penmanship.

It is an expression that is lost upon my children. They received basic training in cursive but it is something they rarely use if at all.

That is because all of the big assignments are typed on a computer and either shared via Google Docs or printed out and submitted.

After our latest conversation it made me think about hand writing and how many people still send out handwritten notes.

Is Handwriting Dying A Slow Death?

Do you still send letters via snail mail?

Do you think handwriting is dying a slow death and that we’ll reach a time where people don’t use it?

Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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