Albert Einstein Was A Social Media Genius

fishAlbert Einstein died in 1955 so he didn’t come close to living long enough to see the Internet or any of the other technological marvels of the digital age.

I won’t presume to tell you what his opinion about social media would have been but I feel confident he could have been a social media superstar and not just because he is responsible for a ton of witty and insightful quotes.


Social media is powered by people and by imagination. Einstein’s quote about fish and bicycles ties in very nicely and so do his quote about the importance of imagination.

If you are of a certain age it is probably hard to imagine a world without cell phones, computers and social media platforms but the same can be said for other people of a certain age.

It takes imagination to move people and to change the world.

Remember that line about witty and insightful quotes? The one above is a perfect example. It is the kind of thing that is easy for people to relate to and it is one that could just as easily anchor a deeper conversation.
UnderstandIf my good friend Albert were here he would tell you about the importance of analytics and metrics.

One of the central themes here is the need to identify your goals in blogging and social media.

It is of paramount importance for businesses and social media professionals to do so and it is a worthwhile endeavor for the people who are just doing this for fun too.


Because goals help provide structure and structure is part of what you need to determine if you are spinning your wheels in cyberspace or building an empire.

When you establish your goals and create an objective you open an opportunity to build a road map to success and analytics help you figure out if you are on the right path.

Good old analytics like the number of users, pageviews, time spent on page, conversions and all of that other crap are all a part of the mix or at least they should be.

And that my friends leads to one last quote by Einstein and a comment as a father and student.

six year old
My children often ask me to explain why learning XYZ in school is important and though I want to say they never stump me there are times where I shrug my shoulders and say because it is tied into your grade.

I hate that.

Not the question part but the feeling that I can’t respond with an answer that I find to be satisfactory. It reminds me of my time in school and how I asked certain teachers to explain the importance of learning some particular lesson/topic.

It wasn’t always done because I was trying to be adversarial or difficult but because I wanted to give the lesson some context and understand how it might be of use.

The importance of understanding and not just knowing– it has always resonated with me.

What do you think? It doesn’t have to be about those last few quotes, it could be any, share it in the comments.

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