Get More Done- 17 Workplace Productivity Hacks

Confession And Commentary

There is an ongoing battle with homework in my house and in spite of my being a college graduate I am still involved in it.

That is because my middle schooler receives a huge amount of work each day and though he works very hard it is not unusual for it to include some kind of parental involvement.

Some of that involves my helping to teach him his own set of productivity hacks so that he can take care of his work in a faster and more efficient manner.

One of those is to find ways to repurpose and reuse information. The goal is to work smarter and not harder and if you have solid material you can use again there is no reason not to consider it.

That is a lesson that is tied into both Bloggers Must Evolve Or Die and Is Commenting On Blogs Dead?


Well most of us have limited time and resources so one of the ways to help keep blogging enjoyable is to make it easier and repurposing content does that.

That also provides more time for visiting and commenting upon other blogs and if you want to drive comments on traffic on your own there is no better way than commenting on others.

Here is where the confession comes in on this post:

I think the hacks in the presentation are basic and obvious but that kind of content drives traffic so I figured it is worth including.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to day it is a bad presentation because it is not. It definitely has merit and is useful and that is a solid reason to include it here.

I was hoping to find a little more meat there for me to chew on.

But since it still has substance and will pull traffic I figured there is no harm in using it.  If things go as I want not only will it pull more people in but some of those will come will like what they read and decide it is worth continuing to visit.

And maybe you’ll even share some of your favorite productivity hacks in the comments too.

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