What Makes ‘Mythical’ Creatures Mythical?

An Anthology of Mythical Creatures
A guy like me who is interested in the backstory is always curious about the background and story behind mythical creatures.

It is not because I am pedantic and determined to make sure these tales fit the dictionary definition of mythical either.

adjective \ˈmi-thi-kəl\: based on or described in a myth: existing only in the imagination
Full Definition of MYTHICAL
: based on or described in a myth especially as contrasted with history
usually mythical : existing only in the imagination : fictitious, imaginary
usually mythic : having qualities suitable to myth : legendary

I attribute it to curiosity and knowing that some of the stories I have heard about some of the creatures listed here are different than what is listed on the infographic.

It is a desire for accuracy and a thirst for knowledge that makes me ask who was the first person or persons to see these creatures and how was the information recorded.

Is there a chance that maybe one or more of these beasts is real and not fiction?

Man Has Not Discovered/Found Everything

We know we haven’t plumbed the entire depths of the oceans or all of the lakes. We haven’t explored every mountain, jungle or rain forest.

There are places we haven’t seen and cataloged. Opportunity for discovery remains and it is fair to say that if we don’t know all there is to know there is a chance that some legends might not be…legends.

They might be fact.

Or maybe not, people are notorious for not always seeing or remembering things with the sort of accuracy that scientific proof requires.

It is part of why we see more stringent requirements for proof than just memory in some areas.

Get What You Have Always Gotten

Earlier in the week a friend asked for some help for a fundraiser he is working on but every time I offered a suggestion he turned it down and said he needed to stick to ‘tried and true.’

There are benefits to doing so because doing things the way you always have will often get you what you have always gotten.

But sometimes the trick to getting more is to mix things up and not rely solely upon what worked in the past.

Sometimes the only way to grow is to take a chance and expand your mind.

Maybe every creature on this list is fake. Maybe every one of them is rooted in fiction and we should leave it at that, but what would happen if one or more was found to be real.

What would happen if we flipped things upside down and decided our job was to assume they are all real until proved otherwise.

Maybe it would be a fool’s errand or maybe we’d learn otherwise.

You never know unless you try.

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