Four Ways To Make Time For Blogging


Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and you feel like you haven’t got enough time to produce a proper post. If you find yourself facing that particular set of circumstances you can choose to handle it in a number of ways:

  1. Stop blogging until you find free time to write.
  2. Find guest posters.
  3. Run old evergreen blog posts.
  4. Create a list post out of old posts and ask your readers to hang on just a bit longer for new content.

I’ll take my own advice and share some links to old material you may or may not have read.

18 Links To Tide You Over Before The Next Post Comes

  1. Some Styles Are Eternal- Long Live The ’80s
  2. How To Write a Speech For Your Son’s Bar Mitzvah
  3. Sometimes Heroes Fall
  4. There Are Places I Remember
  5. Some Things Are Best Left Unsaid
  6. Your “Captcha” Is Killing Your Comments
  7. Job Titles Are Not Impressive
  8. An Open Letter To Sir Richard Branson
  9. How Do You Become A Cowboy?
  10. How To Make More Money Blogging
  11. Don’t Let Perfection Ruin Good Enough
  12. Once We Were Kings
  13. Your Blog Is Killing Your Love For Writing
  14. The Most Important Question You’ll Ever Ask Is Why
  15. How To Become A Better Blogger- Resources & Suggestions
  16. How To Write The Perfect Blog Post
  17. Fraternity Life & The Evolution Of Community
  18. Write For People And Not For SEO
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