You Can’t Sail A Cell But You Can Sell It

Panchito B-25 Mitchell Guns
Most of you probably haven’t heard the story of a 25 year-old whose ancient mobile phone looked like it should be used to call in an air strike, but today is your lucky day.

All you need to do is go read He’s A Peach Of a Guy But He’ll Buy An Apple and you’ll learn the whole story. It is my guest post at my friend Carolyn’s blog The Wonder of Tech.

Really, go give it a read and and learn more about the great battle between Android and Apple. Tell your boss I give you permission to take a break and read about why you can’t sail a cell but you can sell it.

You’ll gain insight into how one digital native pits her persuasive powers against a wily veteran of multiple sales campaigns and you might even enjoy it too. 😉

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