It Is The Answer To Every Question

Remember the post where I said Sometimes I Dream About This?

It is one where I alluded to having some things on my mind and suggested that it would be nice to meet an older version of me because they would be able to provide reassurance and support in a way that others could not.

If you didn’t read it, don’t want to or don’t have time to go back you can watch the video below I used to help illustrate my thought.

Anyway, I suspect that the older version of me might suggest I read and think about the quote above. It is one of my favorites and I see it as something that has both personal and professional applications.

It Is The Answer To Every Question

It is an exaggeration to say it is the answer to every question but not by much. In fact businesses would be well served to remember to ask what opportunities lie in the difficulties their customers face and to think about how they are responding.

The question is so obvious I suspect it falls by the wayside but there is merit in revisiting the obvious from time to time to see if your response is still appropriate or if perhaps it is time to pivot and or adjust.

As promised, here is the video I mentioned above.

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